WWE: Emma recovered from a shocking paralysis condition

By: Raja
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Bengaluru, Nov 27: The WWE Universe is quite anticipated with the re-debut of Emma as Emmalina on Monday Night Raw.

The vignette airing on the Raw episodes showed that her gimmick is going to be a model like one which is quite attractive and unusual.

Emma to be back as Emmalina (Image courtesy wwe.com)

During this era of Women’s wrestling, this is quite unexpected. However, she is supposed to be some sort of fresh air into the Raw Women’s roster.

But, every glowing side must have a darker side, as well and so does the gorgeous Emmalina. In a recent Instagram post, Emma declared that six months ago from now she was in a critical condition.

Her situation was so bad that she could have gone on to a paralysis condition if the surgery was not done in time. It had incurred a critical condition in her neck and back portion afterward.

Emma picked up the injury during a house show in early May. Her back was injured, severely causing her six month of her career. However, at that time, the WWE Doctor advised her to put only ice bags on her back.

But, the back pain increased and the scar occurred to be something much deeper. She could not even move her neck and hands, properly. She quoted,

“Six months ago today I couldn't bend over to put my shoes on. I couldn't lift my arms up to get dressed. I couldn't hold my hand up to do my makeup.

"It was even scarier finding out I needed surgery on my spine right away because the spasms and the weakness in my left arm were from nerve damage from the herniated disc pressing on my spinal cord.

"But in that instant, all I could think was that I was lucky I wasn't paralyzed! It was a crazy ride but I stayed positive, focused and determined to be better than before.”

Her injury came at a bad time. She was at her top game by allying with Dana Brooke and bringing the A-game.

She was supposed to get a big push since her effort was noticed amongst the WWE creative. Even the fans appreciated her work as a top heel.

WWE has started channeling her new gimmick called Emmalina since October and it is expected that she would pick up her career just where she left off. Also, she might get her long due championship chance upon return.

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