WWE: Chris Jericho to return to Smackdown Live soon

By: Raja
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Bengaluru, June 10: Chris Jericho was written off the WWE television with a vicious attack from Kevin Owens on Smackdown Live.

In reality, he is scheduled to perform with his musical band Fozzy in May and June. The band’s new singles 'Judas’ is out and the live performances are likely to help them promote it.

Chris Jericho (Image courtesy: wwe.com)

Most of the big cities around the United States will witness Jericho performing with Fozzy. In addition, the band is also booked to work three dates in the United Kingdom, as well. The tour is likely to end on June 28th with a show in Seattle, Washington.

He is expected to stay away from wrestling even after that, as per the earlier reports. But, the latest schedule of live events disclosed by the WWE turned out to be more exciting since Jericho is in it.

Apparently, WWE will go to their annual tour to the east i.e. Japan. The listings indicate that Chris Jericho and the local star Hideo Itami will perform on two nights, June 29 and July 1. This is a certain indication that he will be back in the WWE at that point.

However, that does not solidify the fact that he will also return on WWE TV i.e. Smackdown Live. Previously, he did sign an exclusive deal with the company where he used to do only house shows back in 2015. This allowed him to work for his band and WWE, simultaneously.

This time a similar deal can be expected, as well. But, considering that his presence is much needed to pull up the ratings on the show, he should be back on Smackdown.

Last year, he turned out to be the biggest star power present on Raw following the Draft. A similar role is expected from him, this time too.

As per the speculation, he might be back with the Money in the Bank PPV costing Owens the opportunity of holding the briefcase.

If that is not the case then a similar arrangement can be done for him in the month of July. It is needless in any of the scenarios, the fans will be eager to get the “Gift of Jericho”.

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