WWE Champion AJ Styles robbed in Arkansas City

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Bengaluru, Jan 21: It looks like this week’s live event from Arkansas City was quite eventful to the Smackdown roster.

They were scheduled to perform in a house show at Jonesboro on Monday Night. After Randy Orton getting into an altercation with a fan at the gym, we are now getting news that the reigning WWE champion, AJ Styles was robbed that night.

AJ Styles (Image courtesy: wwe.com)

As reported by Region 8 News, a theft case was filed on behalf of Styles. The Arkansas State University police reported that a black bag and some other items were stolen on that night which belonged to the champion.

He was busy performing on the show while the incident took place on this past Monday.

The bag was containing $1,000 US Dollars and $7,000 in Japanese yen. Other items like an iPhone, Beats Headphones, a small screen TV, an Xbox 360, and six Xbox games were also stolen by the thief. No further information was given by the police when asked.

The house show was a Smackdown-exclusive event in which Styles featured in the main event of the night.

He fought in a triple threat match against John Cena and Baron Corbin. He retained his title via disqualification.

There’s been no hint of the theft in his social media accounts, till now. It looks like the thief has been able to scout into his hotel room and run away with the accessories.

At this point Styles has to rely on the police department if they can do something about it. Until then he might miss his video games and his Xbox system which he is very fond of.

During an interview with ESPN, he previously commented the below regarding his addiction to video games,

“Well, I actually take my Xbox 360 on the road. I still enjoy playing my 360 because the last game that they made for college football was 2014, so I have it just so I can play that game.

"There are also some games [for that system] that I never really got into, but now I really enjoy them, like this game called "Bullet Storm."

I didn't realize how fantastic this game was at the time, but I'm rocking it right now and it's awesome. It's to a point where a lot the guys will go, "What game is that dude?" I'm like, "Dude it's actually kind of old." So yeah I still like rocking the 360.”

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