WWE: Cesaro might be heading towards Smackdown Live

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Bengaluru, Sep 30: Cesaro has been the most underrated talent in the WWE today. Many of the superstars and legends consider him as the most talented guy inside the squared circle.

In fact, there’s nobody on the WWE roster today who can pull out a variety of moves like the Swiss Superman.

Cesaro vs. Sheamus at Summerslam (image courtesy: wwe.com)

But, that did not take him to the main event scene from the past few years. Vince McMahon still feels he lacks the mic skills and held him to the mid card level.

While we thought that Cesaro might challenge the current Universal Champion, Kevin Owens, after winning the best of seven series, that process abruptly called off after the final match was tied. He will have to stick to the same mid card scene.

This brought out much frustration out of the Swiss Superman and the reports are flying high that Cesaro might head towards the Smackdown brand, in recent future.

The rumor got wild this week when Smackdown Live General Manager, Daniel Bryan posted a tweet directed to Cesaro asking him when his contract with Raw will come to an end. They are considering taking him under the blue brand’s wings.

Cesaro too did not hesitate to answer him back with a positive reply initiating the rumors of a possible switch.

It might be the case since Smackdown will face a problem after the No Mercy PPV as both Dean Ambrose and John Cena will be taking time off from the company and Smackdown desperately needs a top brass superstar as AJ Styles’ challenger. Cesaro might end up being the one, going by the rumors.

This is not the first time that the teasing of Cesaro’s switch has been teased. Just after the WWE Draft, Cesaro declared his frustration after getting picked on the Raw brand.

In his own words, he might not get a chance to showcase his talent there properly. On the other hand, Smackdown is the Land of Opportunity that he might take him to the top of the food chain, for good measures.

Currently, he might get a tag team title shot with Sheamus at the Hell in a Cell PPV. His contract is getting revised at this time since he already showed his frustrations over bad booking for quite a few times. Until then, he will have to stick with the Celtic Warrior.

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