WWE: Brock Lesnar-Shane McMahon feud is being planned for future

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Bengaluru, Aug 29: Brock Lesnar nearly tore Randy Orton apart in their match at Summerslam creating a ruckus inside the ring. Orton was left in a pool of blood and the referee had no choice but to call off the match.

Lesnar was handed the win, via TKO. Orton had to receive 10 stitches in his head following the match due to the legit elbows right into his head.

Brock Vs Shane to take place at some point (image courtesy dailyddt)

During the end of the match the Smackdown commissioner, Shane McMahon ran into the ring to protect Randy from Lesnar. But the beast did not spare him too and hit him right with a vicious F-5.

That led to the birth of the rumor of an upcoming feud between the two of them. Though no concrete planning has yet to make, WWE previously sketched the initial plan to have a match between the two of them at next year’s Royal Rumble PPV.

That plan is supposedly changed after creative though the process differently. They don’t want Lesnar to go after Shane immediately once he shows up the next time.

Instead, they would make him clash with another superstar before Shane, according to DailyWrestlingNews.com. The superstar’s name and the Brock Lesnar’s return are yet to be figured out.

The same source also suggests that it will be Shane who will choose a superstar to face the beast incarnate upon return. The match is supposed to take place at the end of this year or at the Royal Rumble PPV.

However, it is still not clear how Lesnar is going to be involved in a match on Smackdown since he is drafted on Raw. Lesnar is expected to be back to build up the PPV’s promotion.

Hence, in overview Lesnar will square-off with a certain Smackdown superstar at the Royal Rumble PPV and then would go on to build up the feud with Shane-O-Mac which means the match between them will take place at next year’s Wrestlemania.

The rumored superstar as Lesnar’s opponent at the Royal Rumble PPV is supposed to be none other than Randy Orton. Since, the match between them has been called off, abruptly, they are going to clash with each other, once more. However, there is also talking about putting Lesnar into the WWE Championship scenario after return. As of now, Lesnar is fined with $500 and is on a temporary hiatus.

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