WWE: Bobby Lashley challenged Brock Lesnar in MMA fight

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Bengaluru, Oct 27: These two names are quite familiar to the pro-wrestling universe and the WWE, of course. Lesnar is the reckless machine in WWE, nowadays whereas Bobby Lashley is a former Intercontinental champion in the company’s history.

Apart from their WWE career, they both have introduced themselves to the Mixed Martial Arts wrestling world i.e. the MMA fighting competition.

Brock Lesnar Vs Bobby Lashley (Image courtesy: Youtube)

Brock Lesnar is a bonafide MMA fighter. He was under contract with the UFC until he got back his job in WWE in the year 2012.

Even, this year he has performed in one-off UFC fight against mark Hunt. He won the bout prior to Summerslam in dominant fashion.

On the other hand, the former WWE superstar, Lashley is the TNA champion but also does appearances in MMA fights.

He has recently spoken to TMZ discussion her MMA fighting future. He has won a fight against Josh Appelt in the Bellator 162 event.

His record is now standing at 16 wins and only 2 losses. So, it’s evident that he wants to fight none other than WWE’s beast incarnate in an MMA fight.

Lasley commented, “I think it would be really interesting, there have been a lot of people that have asked me that. I get asked that almost every day. I think there is so much money in that.”

“I think it would turn into a slugfest because I know Brock isn’t going to be taken down by an easy takedown.

"I scramble pretty hard and Brock has a little bit more size on me, but I scramble pretty well so it would be hard for him to get a takedown.

"So if neither of us can get the takedown then we need to rely on the striking, so I think it would be a slugfest which would be really interesting.”

Brock Lesnar hold a record of six wins and three loses in his UFC fighting career. He has been the UFC heavyweight champion in his career.

He was tested positive after his fight with Mark Hunt, last summer. Hence, he was warned by the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA).

If he is found guilty then he might be barred from being in MMA fight for next two years. So, Lesnar’s MMA future hangs in the balance, as of now.

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