WWE: Big announcements for Smackdown Live and Money in the Bank PPV

Written by: Raja
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Bengaluru, June 1: Major announcements were made for the next week’s edition of Smackdown Live and the Money in the Bank PPV on behalf of WWE.

This is just another indication as of why should consider the show run by Shane McMahon as the A-show of the WWE, today (June 1).

The Money in the Bank briefcase (Image courtesy: wwe.com)

After Shinsuke Nakamura pinned Kevin Owens for the second time in a row, he made this match official as the main event of next week’s Smackdown Live. This will be their first singles contest in a televised edition of the WWE.

Considering a rich history between the two back in Japan, this is a dream matchup for the WWE fans. Also, Nakamura will be able to make his presence felt on the title picture if he can pull off yet another victory over The New face of America.

Also, two big matches were confirmed by the show-runner for the Money in the Bank PPV. Upon their return, The New Day has been booked as the number once contenders for the tag team championships.

So, they will face The Usos at the said PPV for the titles. These two teams are veteran performers in the WWE and should give us an instant classic match.

Plus, the main attraction was also confirmed by Shane-O-Mac when he declared that the first-ever Women’s Money in the Bank ladder match will take place at the PPV on June 18. After much speculation on the internet, the historic announcement turned the pro-wrestling industry to a frenzy.

WWE.com further posted the following hyping up the matchup: “The SmackDown LIVE Women’s division is once again about to prove just how ground-breaking it can be.

"At WWE Money in the Bank, Charlotte, Natalya, Carmella, Becky Lynch and Tamina will compete in the first-ever Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match.”

The entire women’s division alongside the WWE universe was talking about the historical matchup keeping the women’s revolution ongoing:

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