WWE: Alberto Del Rio opens up in first interview since suspension

By: Raja
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Bengaluru, Oct 16: The situation between Paige and WWE has already taken the pro-wrestling world by storm. The happenings and Paige’s future is getting complex day by day and we were yet to hear what actually is in Paige and his boyfriend’s mind.

Recently, they were in the New York City and TMZ sports have a chat with both of them where they spoke about their current status and what’s the future holds for them.

Alberto Del Rio & Paige (Image courtesy: Youtube)

This was the first time since the suspension that we were getting to see or hear from the couple. Alberto Del Rio seemed all excited to be the new President for the Combat Americas promotion.

It is the second most popular MMA promotion in America after UFC and they are trying to utilize a veteran brain like Del Rio is.

Del Rio also said that he is willing to join TNA if they pay him well. He has friends there and would like to work for them.

Recently on ESPN, Del Rio commented about going to TNA, “I have other friends like Damien and Cody Rhodes. I'm just looking forward to doing an appearance with them pretty soon."

He will continue exploring the independent circuit scenes until he receives a TNA contract and ruled out of any possibility of a return to WWE.

However, he is supportive with Paige since it’s still her workplace. The couple even made a joke of her contract is still intact up to 2019.

Del Rio also talked about the stabbing incident when he clarified that a drunk guy tried to put her hands on her girl and hence he just tried to rescue her. Luckily, the restaurant’s owner was Del Rio’s friend and he got support from him.

Paige did not want to make any comment on her suspension. She admitted that she is already in a lot of troubles and don’t want to expand it further.

She hopes that 2017 will be better for her but is still not hoping to return to WWE. She will be recovering from her neck injury for the next 5 or 6 months and willing to stick around Del Rio like a “little shadow.”

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