WWE: Actions to be taken against Carmella for controversial Money in the Bank win

By: Raja
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Bengaluru, June 20: As noted by the Smackdown Commissioner, Shane McMahon, the outcome of the first-ever Women’s Money in the Bank was not expected, this way.

Carmella became the winner in an unthinkable way that nobody has ever done it before. Even the referees were not pretty sure about their decision after the match.

Carmella (Image courtesy: wwe.com)

Five women from the Smackdown women’s division were fighting tooth and nail for the briefcase hanging above the ring.

However, James Ellsworth turned out to be a deciding factor during the bout. He shoved Becky Lynch off the ladder when she was on the verge to pick it up.

Later, he himself climbed up the ladder and unhooked it on behalf of Carmella. It was handed to her who was standing underneath the ladder! In the process, she became the first-ever Miss Money in the Bank.

The superstars were disgusted at this outcome which was controversial, too. The officials were not quite sure whether they were doing the right thing.

Later, the Smackdown General Manager, Daniel Bryan called these actions, 'cheap’ and further declared that he will be taking actions against both Carmella and James Ellsworth on Smackdown.

In case you don’t know, Bryan declared on Twitter that he will be returning as the in-charge of the show on tomorrow’s show. He was not present on Tuesday Nights ever since the month of April.

The Princess of Staten Island tried to defend her actions by bringing the rulebook of WWE which states that the match was contested under No Disqualification rules which means anything goes.

It is expected that the fallout consequences might witness another rematch for the briefcase. Meanwhile, the Twitter war is ongoing with Carmella & Ellsworth defending the accusations ever since the controversy happened.

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