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By: Raja
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Bengaluru, Sep 23: The drama revolving around Paige keeps unfolding every time we think it's over. Last week Paige confirmed that she is not parting her ways with WWE. Even her brother Zak told the same on Facebook that she had never thought of quitting WWE and "is back on the road with WWE from today".

Paige to quick wrestling?

We did not see the anti-diva on Raw, though. The latest reports suggest that she is still not medically cleared to compete inside the ring. So, even she decides to show up, she is not expected to be seen wrestling inside the ring.


Meanwhile, Dave Meltzer from Wrestling Observer Newsletter mentioned in his recent episode that Paige almost decided to take legal advice from her attorneys even on last week. But, there was some sort of proceedings to "mend fences" was done in parts of WWE to settle things between the two parties. The official statement came just after that.

It was also reported that WWE almost made their mind, to fire Paige from the company prior to the suspension. WWE medical personnel Aegis reached her home for Paige’s routine drug test.

But she was spending time with her boyfriend, Del Rio in Texas, at that point and go on to the bad books of WWE officials. However, she was cleared once the test was done. Since the test was not done within the specified time it was considered as wellness policy violation and hence she got suspended for 30 days.

Paige also clarified admitted the incident as true by commenting, “I was not suspended for failing a drug test, it was mere due to a procedural issue. I took the test, I passed it. I arranged said test to happen after I wasn't at my home when Aegis contacted me. So I drove 200 miles to do it. Unfortunately, I didn't do it in time, according to Aegis.”

WWE did not want to extend her punishment further by thinking of the Raw Women’s roster which is thinner, at this moment. The bookings have been worse than Smackdown consisting more of talks than action. They need Paige to continue with strong storylines and the Women’s revolution.

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