Rumour: Possible reason why WWE is not bringing back Goldberg

Written by: Raja
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Bengaluru, Sep 15: Since the moment, the trailer of the video game 2K17 featuring Goldberg was released in the month of May the pro-wrestling fraternity got a chill running down their spine with the speculation of a blockbuster return.

They want to see the man with the unthinkable 173 matches unbeatable streak back from his WCW days, in the WWE ring one more time.

Goldberg is waiting for return (image courtesy

It will be a dream come true for the WWE fans to see franchise from WCW’s heyday walking out to the ramp from backstage.

The fans thought it would be a perfect scenario for him to come back at the Summerslam PPV when Brock Lesnar was beating down Randy Orton.

The crowd thought that the return was evident that night as the stage was all set, Lesnar-Goldberg started twitter war prior to that and most importantly he was in the building that day.

However, that did not happen in reality and hence WWE’s plan was heavily booed by the crowd towards the end of the Summerslam after Lesnar was handed a win via TKO.

There is a strong reason why WWE might be hesitating to bring back the old-school specialist to the main roster even after understanding the fact that it will be a huge profit for them.

Goldberg was an unstoppable force back in his time. He has a tendency of wrestle recklessly inside the ring without being concerned about his opponent.

Much like what is transpired about Seth Rollins being the most unsafe worker of these days and injuring his fellow wrestlers.

The former WWE World champion too considered as one of the most unsafe workers from his days who has the tendency to hurt wrestlers which completely stands opposite to WWE’s PG era.

Since WWE’s prime focus is about superstar’s health they feel that he is a hard guy to work with. Considering the latest injury season of WWE, it is a big question whether WWE will take the risk of bringing him back to please the fans or not.

Goldberg had a decent run in WWE in the year, 2003. Within his one year long run in the WWE, he feuded with The Rock, Chris Jericho, Triple H and Brock Lesnar. Wrestlemania 20 marked the night when both Goldberg and Lesnar left the company.

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