Rumour: Goldberg hired by WWE to lose at Survivor Series

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Bengaluru, Nov 5: In the midst of the rumors for the 30th annual Survivor Series PPV, we are constantly getting the news of Goldberg’s potential loss at the event. reported that the match will mark an end to the illustrious career of the iconic superstar in the pro-wrestling circuit and he will end up losing in the final bout against the beast incarnate.

Goldberg on Raw (Image courtesy

Multiple reports suggested that the feud was started by Paul Heyman quoting that the Brock Lesnar still remembers the loss he digested at the hands of “The Myth” at Wrestlemania 20.

On that night, the two of them has decided to walk away from the company. Goldberg has not shown up in the squared circle after that for 12 long years and hence he could get the chance to level the score.

As per Heyman’s quotes, “Here’s the one thing that unhinges my beast. Goldberg is still 1-up on Brock Lesnar.

Which is why I have been authorized tonight to come out here and let the entire WWE Universe know. Goldberg, you sir are hereby challenged to a fight.

One on One. Beast vs. The Myth. Icon vs. Icon. Anywhere. Any place. Any time. Brock Lesnar vs. Goldberg.”

So, it’s quite possible that Goldberg might be unable to stop the reckless force that Lesnar is, today. He is unpinned since Wrestlemania 29 and there’s no reason that WWE would let Goldberg do the unthinkable at a time when he is almost 50 years old and not in full shape, perhaps.

On the other hand, Brock Lesnar is 39-year-old and is the greatest combat athlete that the United States has ever seen.

So he is going to serve the company to a further extent. So, a clean loss to Goldberg will not do him any favor considering the fact that this might be his final match in the WWE.

So, logically there’s no wrong in handing Goldberg a loss. WWE Universe will be happy to see one more spear or jackhammer in his last match, perhaps.

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