Revealed: Reason behind WWE not firing Paige

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Bengaluru, Oct 24: The anti-Diva has finally undergone the much-needed neck surgery. WWE has not helped her around this time by opposing her decision to go under the knives.

She has said it time and time again that her neck has been under immense pain which forced her to take the painkillers, the reason behind the recent suspension.

Paige (Image courtesy:

So, o save her career, she had no other option but to undergo the surgery under Dr. Uribe, the man who was behind Nikki Bella’s successful neck surgery, earlier this year. Hopefully, we will see Paige added to the list, very soon when she makes her return to Raw. Paige thanked the renowned surgeon on twitter.

She posted the tweet thanking Uribe and the staffs. Nikki Bella acknowledged it by replying with another tweet.

Meanwhile, some interesting reports are coming regarding the relationship of Paige and WWE. After all that the former Divas champion has gone through with the company, the company should have fired Paige, a long ago, permanently.

But, they did not. Instead, they have not showed issue while channeling Paige and Del Rio’s love story on the Total Divas reality series.

The reason behind this is WWE’s awkwardness with Paige’s injury. It is far more severe injury than thought previously and hence if they do fire Paige, it will create a bad impression towards the company’s image. reported that many pro-wrestler and WWE employees have already shown sympathy to the former champion and took a shot at WWE’s cruel behavior towards the Diva.

WWE thrives on the emerging talents and if their reputation goes hurt by the injury issue, then it will be bad for the company.

WWE is already dealing with lawsuits due to injury issues from the past. This is the reason why they forced Daniel Bryan to retire. Nikki Bella too, has undergone neck surgery since it was the last option.

But, when it came to Paige, they strongly opposed the rule for some unknown reasons facing a lot of heat from the WWE Universe.

So, the biggest wrestling promotion in the world is not likely parting her ways with the British lady. She might make a slow comeback after a long time.

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