Reason behind Jinder Mahal getting a shot at WWE championship

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Bengaluru, May 14: Jinder Mahal, the man hailing from India got a sudden opportunity to the WWE championship, last month.

He shocked the world by defeating five other competitors and becoming the number one contender for Randy Orton’s title.

Jinder Mahal (middle) with the WWE championship (Image courtesy:

The match between Orton and Mahal is all set to take place on May 21st at the Backlash PPV. In the meantime, Mahal is getting a big push in the WWE storylines so that he can match up to the main event status before facing the veteran, Orton.

So, he joined forces to form a heel faction with his fellow Indians, The Singh Brothers. A “Maharaja” gimmick was also granted by his name to make him look even greater.

Now, there’s certainly a reason for which WWE is treating him like an important one whereas a month ago he was not to be found anywhere on Raw.

Dave Meltzer pointed out a couple of reasons behind the sudden push of Mahal. He said that WWE was trying to capture the Indian market for quite sometimes.

Previously, The Great Khali was the biggest attraction for them. Once, he was gone, Mahal arrived on the scene in the year 2012.

In case you have forgotten, he had a short feud with the same man, Randy Orton. He managed to reach NXT championship tournament finale, as well. But, the call was a premature one and the push never happened.

Now when he is back in the WWE, the company is trying to take the benefit of the WWE Network. Back in the past, the viewers had to subscribe with an amount of $50 whereas now they can watch it only in $9.99.

So, even if the championship match featuring Jinder Mahal comes out to be a dud, the risks and fan backlashes would be minimised.

Besides, WWE has another main event in store for Backlash PPV. Two veterans, AJ Styles, and Kevin Owens will fight it out for the US championship.

We have to wait sometimes to watch whether the rise of Jinder Mahal drags more viewers from India. Once the Backlash PPV is over, the results will be out whether the number of subscribers on WWE Network would increase or not.

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