Petition filed to fire Roman Reigns from WWE

Written by: Raja
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Bengaluru, April 16: WWE Universe has always been vocal while expressing their hatred towards Roman Reigns. But things have got much worse after Wrestlemania 33 since he retired everybody's beloved The Undertaker. It looks like some of the fans just can't take it anymore and it was reflected in a recent instance.

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A fan filed a petition demanding Roman Reigns should be fired immediately fired from WWE. The pro-wrestling lovers are tired of seeing him getting a push, each & every week and this should be stopped at any cost.

Roman Reigns (image courtesy Twitter)

Here are the excerpts from the petition

"Roman Reigns is a lame a** wanna-be wrestler, I don't get it why WWE keep taunting us fans with 'Make Roman Look Strong' thing.

"We don't like Roman Reigns, Fans all around the world booed their guts out, still, WWE pushed him and booked him to defeat The Legend himself "The Undertaker".

"Now the fans are more p***ed than ever. But Roman Reigns is still there acting like he deserves this.

"This BS needs to be stopped. We don't want Roman Reigns in WWE. Fire Roman Reigns.

"Sincerely, a wrestling fan.”

The complaint was lodged at and already received signatures from many fans to catch everybody’s attention.

Previously, a similar petition was filed against Braun Strowman after he attacked Reigns brutally on this past episode of Monday Night Raw. This was noticed by the anti-Roman fans and they came up straight with their agenda.

They are seemingly tired of WWE being unmoved from their motto of establishing Reigns as the franchise of the company. No reactions were received regarding this matter from Reigns or WWE, till now.

The Big Dog was back in action after suffering the attack from Strowman. In a live event held in Providence, he sought his revenge by putting the mountain among men through the table.

This means he should not miss this week's Raw. Also, his injuries are not real and just for kayfabe purpose. To sell the injury, he was also spotted sporting heavy bandages on his left shoulder. These two are supposed to collide in a final match at WWE Payback.

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