Paige starts training, closing in for a return to WWE

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Bengaluru, June 15: Paige is out of the WWE ever since the summer season of last year. She was taken off from live television owing to her neck concussions. Later, it turned out to be something much serious causing her to get sidelined, permanently.

In November 2016, she has undergone a career-threatening neck surgery. Ever since then, there have been major speculations with her return to WWE. With the injury being a fatal one, she would not be cleared by the WWE doctors, easily.

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However, there might be a ray of hopes for her since her last X-ray results have been declared as positive. She posted on her Twitter account stating the same and hinting of a return in the near future.

Also, Paige has posted numerous pictures of her training sessions on her Instagram account. This clearly indicates that she is keeping herself fit to get medically cleared by the WWE doctors. has stated that the days of her return is closing in. However, going in total contrast, Wrestling Observer has given updates that the WWE creative has no plans reserved for her.

They are not at all intended to bring the anti-Diva back on TV. So, for now, the comeback is not confirmed since it solely depends on the WWE officials.

Three months ago, the private media leaks have shown Paige having sexual intercourses with Brad Maddox and Xavier Woods.

This put her career in serious jeopardy as WWE could have fired her for this reason. However, The Rock is producing a movie based on her life titled “Fighting With My Family” which might have saved her.


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WWE was already unhappy with Paige appearing on backstage at the Impact Wrestling tapings and other indie promotions alongside Alberto Del Rio.

These happened several times during Paige’s injury but the company did not take any further step just because of the filming.

Furthermore, they have already gone through a lot of turmoil with the anti-Diva over the past year. Letting her go at this point will not make any sense and might turn out to be a bad PR.

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