Mick Foley to take time off from WWE

Written by: Raja
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Bengaluru, Dec 18: If the latest reports are any indication then we will not see Mick Foley on WWE TV for the rest of this year.

The Raw GM are said to be on a vacation, after tonight. In fact, we might not see him tonight on the Roadblock PPV.

Mick Foley (left) and Stephanie on Raw (Image courtesy: Youtube)

However, since he is involved in the feud between Sami Zayn and Braun Strowman, he should make one final appearance.

According to a report from prowrestlingsheet.com, Foley will take some time off from WWE for some voluntary work as Santa Clause.

He also wants to spend some time with his family during the holiday season. Hence, he will be relieved of his duties for a certain span of time.

It is assured that there’s no conflict between him and the company and the leave is purely based on the Holiday Season.

Foley is an active member for activities with Santa Clause during this season. Almost, every year he portrays the role of Santa Clause in WWE during the Christmas season.

Hence, his time-off is justified. He will be bringing smiles to many faces. He was even nominated for Santa’s ambassador, earlier this year. His enthusiasm as Santa was seen previously in the WWE Network special, Holy Foley.

However, his absence comes as a surprise to many since he was a major factor in the Sami Zayn-Braun Strowman feud.

Going forward to the Roadblock PPV, Zayn was supposed to get a push via help from Foley. So, it’s still not clear whether the feud will continue even after the PPV or not.

Furthermore, Stephanie McMahon will be the only authority figure present on Monday Night Raw to make decisions.

It will be interesting to see how Foley is pulled off from storyline since no announcement was made prior to this.

We have to wait until we get the next edition of Raw post-Roadblock PPV. Foley is said to be back on the 2nd January episode i.e. the first Raw of 2017.

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