Matt Hardy opens up about coming back to WWE

Matt Hardy recently appeared on the podcast hosted by veteran WWE announcer, Jim Ross.

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Bengaluru, Dec 11: Matt Hardy has been one of those guys who was never pushed to the top level in the WWE despite having all the tools.

So, he rightfully decided to leave the company and jumped ship to TNA in the year 2010. Gradually, both he and his brother’s names have become synonymous with the TNA franchise.

Matt Hardy (Image courtesy Twitter)

They have done it all in the company and their popularity was even got bigger with the 'Broken’ gimmick, earlier this year. He is now referred to as the 'Broken’ Matt Hardy and Jeff is known as the 'Brother Nero’.

With both their contract getting expired on the upcoming month of February, the speculations are on that they might sign with WWE, again.

Matt recently appeared on the podcast hosted by veteran WWE announcer, Jim Ross known as the Ross Report. He was asked the inevitable question of a future WWE return and said the following.

“That is a very interesting question because I know McMahon, he sees my broken brilliance and he would love to do nothing more than to draw it to his show because he knows, right now, it is currently the hottest entity in the professional wrestling business.

But I will say this, if the Impact Wrestling, and the TNA, if they want to retain our services, it will cost these Anthem men, many, many dollars and it is going to cost them a percentage of the company because I have to steer the ship, I have to drive. If they do not meet my demands, then I guess that is a possibility.”

With the Broken gimmick by his side, indeed Matt Hardy is the most sought superstar in the pro-wrestling industry, today.

But, since TNA’s financial condition was not stable at all for the past few months, it was thought that they might seek Vince McMahon’s help after the contract expires.

“Well, currently, what the situation is, is that a company from Toronto, Canada, Fight Network, their parent company, Anthem, is coming in and they have purchased the tape library; they have purchased the majority shareholder stake in the.

With the Anthem people coming in, I think it is going to change things, and it’s going to be run in a very different way, and I think it’s going to be a very good and a very productive 2017.”

Clearly, his indication is to stay with TNA in the future and deliver some more productive storylines from 2017 onwards.

With the new franchise coming in, the talents are safe of their financial condition. Hence, we might not expect big names from TNA showing up before the Wrestlemania season.

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