Is Dolph Ziggler’s WWE career over after No Mercy?

Written by: Raja
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Bengaluru, Oct 1: Dolph Ziggler dropped a breaking news at last week’s Smackdown when he put his career on the line at the No Mercy PPV. It was homecoming segment for The Miz in Cleveland, Ohio where he was present with his lovely wife, Maryse to celebrate his career highlights. Ziggler decided to crash in the ceremony since Cleveland was his hometown, too.

In recent past, Ziggler received a couple of opportunities to win back the Intercontinental championship but both the time Miz stole the victory by using hairspray on his face.

Ziggler's WWE career in jeopardy against The Miz (image courtesy WWE)

This time around at No Mercy PPV, Ziggler will get his last chance to earn the title again but if he loses, his career in WWE will be over.

The general thinking here is that Ziggler will finally win the match and retain his spot in the WWE.

But, the situation is not so smooth here. Ziggler’s WWE contract is up for renegotiation and he might not continue after the No Mercy PPV. WWE will probably force him to lose the match and quit WWE.

So from October onwards we might not get to see the show-off performing for WWE, anymore. However, the rumors suggest that he will be back with a total repackaged character.

Ziggler needs this much-needed break instead of winning the Intercontinental title and continue. A certain break from the WWE would bring out some fresh angles for him while returning in future. This will again make him worthy in the WWE roster, again.

The show-off was having issues with the WWE, for quite a long time now regarding his push to the top level. Despite stealing the show with his incredible moves, every single night he comes up short due to WWE storylines. After the WWE Draft, he was pushed to the WWE World title scene from nowhere but he failed.

This time, if he does go on to a hiatus, it will do a favor to his career. He is also supposed to be a part of the stable formed by returning WWE Superstar, Shelton Benjamin next year. Hopefully, this stable storyline will make Ziggler relevant that he once was.

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