Supercomputer predicts the final table of English Premier League

Supercomputer predicts Chelsea as champions of England. Arsenal and Manchester United will finish outside top 4, Tottenham Hotspur will finish second.

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Bengaluru, Jan 11: Supercomputer SAM (Sports Analytics Machine) has given its verdict of the final league table of the English Premier League.

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Chelsea FC will win the title convincingly with 7 points, according to SAM followed by Tottenham Hotspur, Liverpool and Manchester City at 2nd, 3rd and 4th position respectively.

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Both Manchester United and Arsenal (for the first time in 19 years) will finish outside top 4, which means no UEFA Champions League action for these giants next season.

Who is SAM?

SAM or Sports Analytics Machine is a supercomputer built by the professor of sports analytics at the University of Salford, Ian McHale, together with his colleague Dr. Tarak Kharrat.

To calculate the outcomes, SAM takes into account various things to predict the outcome of each and every match. 

It considers the performances of the teams so far in the season, their average goal scoring prudence, squad performance, injury list, etc.

SAM's final EPL table

2Tottengham Hotspur78
4Manchester City77
6Manchester United70
8West Brom51
10Leicester City47
11AFC Bournemouth47
12West Ham United45
13Stoke City44
17Crystal Palace36
19Swansea City32
20Hull City25

If SAM's prediction is taken seriously then Chelsea fans will rejoice as they take back the English Premier League title after a gap of 1 season.

Tottenham Hotspur too finishes high at the second position above giants like Arsenal, Manchester City, Liverpool and Manchester United.

It is bad news for Arsenal fans as the club has never finished outside top 4 during Arsene Wenger's reign at the club.

Defending champions Leicester City will finish at the 10th position. Newly promoted Hull City will finish rock bottom and will be relegated along with Swansea City and Sunderland.

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