Flashback 2016: Photos of highlighting events from WWE

Shane McMahon and Goldberg returned to WWE this year. Goldberg defeated Brock Lesnar with 2 minutes in his comeback match.

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Bengaluru, Dec 24: The year is a historic year in WWE’s perspective regarding the booking. A bit of fresh air was brought which was much needed to the product.

For the last couple of years, the Authority Storyline was ruling the pinnacle of the sports entertainment which made things stale, in turn.

But, the company took some revolutionary decisions to be back on track to the much delight of the fans. Here’re the highlights from the year which might help to understand the scenario, better.

Here are all the highlights from the year 2016:

Goldberg’s return

We never ever thought to see this man back to the WWE. For the entire summer, the speculation was running rampant of his return with his WWE 2K17 video game cover and he did return for the fantasy mega match against Brock Lesnar. With the lower ratings of Raw, this was another trump card from Vince McMahon to finish the year on a high note.

Wrestlemania and Shane-O-Mac’s death-defying jump

Despite being the biggest Wrestlemania of all time, the show was a victim of bad booking. One lakh of people booing Roman Reigns during his entrance was the highlight of the show. But, wait, there was a certain Shane-O-Mac with his jump off the top of the Hell in a Cell to save the day for WWE. This further cemented his claim to his father's kingdom.

Charlotte-Sasha rivalry and the Hell in a Cell match

The entire summer was dominated by these two ladies which marked a new era in the Women's division. They have done it all with the first ever Hell in a Cell match, falls count anywhere match or an Ironman match. In the end, it was the fans who were the true winner who get to witness a never before seen avatar of the female talents in the WWE.

The Draft and power struggle

After Shane pulled off an incredible performance at Mania and the crowd wanted more for him, there's no way that Vince was going to banish him from the empire. So, here comes the idea of the brand split. Raw was given to Stephanie McMahon whereas WWE's prodigal son became in-charge of a rebuilt Smackdown Live. We got to see fresh storyline from both the brands and the authority got buried.

Shane McMahon’s return

The fans were much upset after they got know that Triple H vs. Roman Reigns is going to be the main event of Wrestlemania. So, this was WWE's desperate move to bring back the attention towards them and it got overwhelming reception. The younger McMahon got the ovation that perhaps nobody in the history has ever got.

All Images are taken from WWE Twitter handle

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