Euro cup hero Eder reveals a shocking secret about his father

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Bengaluru, July 16: Portugal's hero in the Euro 2016 final, Eder, who scored the winning goal against France on July 10 has revealed a shocking secret about his own father.

The Portuguese international recently said that his father was serving a 16-year prison sentence for the murder of his step mum.

Eder (9) celebrates after scoring the opening goal during the Euro 2016 final match

Eder was quoted in the media: "My dad is in prison. Since I was 12. My step-mum died and he was accused of killing her. He was sentenced to 16 years, I think.

"From the moment I went to Academica and began to earn money, I could go to England to see him in jail.

"Every time I had holiday, I would go to England to see him.

Eder was born in the West African country of Guinea-Bissau but moved to Portugal when he was a toddler.

"I came to Portugal with my mum from Guinea-Bissau," he said.

"My dad was already in Portugal. There was a moment when my dad came to my mum's house and ended up taking me with him and I went to live for some time with my dad. After that I was put into the college."

Ederzito Antonio Macedo Lopes, 28, has recently joined french side Lille after spending a season with English Premier League side Swansea City.

He scored the winning goal for his national side in the recently concluded Euro 2016 final against final in the extra-time.

Speaking more about his personal life, Eder said: "I have a sister studying in Wolverhampton and I have another sister who has lived in England for a time.

"My brother lives in Portugal, but I have family everywhere.

"I didn't really grow up with my family. I grew up in a college.

"It was really good for me. It helped me to grow into the man that I have become and aided my football career.

"Of course, at times it was a little bit tough, which is normal, but I enjoyed it a lot. I met so many of my friends there, and it was good to have that life experience."

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