Deepika Kumari appoints sports psychologist, aims medals at Tokyo Olympics

Deepika Kumari has appointed sports psychologist and motivator to improve her performance as she eyes medals at Tokyo Olympics 2020.

Written by: Sujata Sarkar
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Bengaluru, Mar 15: Deepika Kumari seems to have taken a lesson from her failure in Rio Olympics and in a bid to revive her winning spree and ultimately a medal at the Tokyo Olympics 2020 she has appointed a sports psychologist and motivator.

The reason behind appointing experienced and skilled sports psychologist ace Indian female archer wants to go through Nero Linguistic Programme (NLP), one of the rare psychological treatments, designed scientifically to motivate and keep hundred percent fit mentally on the day of any crucial match or any kind of examination.

File photo: Deepika Kumari

Deepika who has been training at Tata Archery Academy in Jamshedpur now for the last couple of months said: “I need a long-term preparation to earn a medal in an event like Tokyo Olympics and the preparation should not be only on the pitch.

"I must have a top class psychological preparation also along with hard work with bow and arrow.”

Deepika added saying, “I was having an impressive performance in different tournaments. But in the events like Olympics and World Championships, I found I was failing to bear the mental pressure and faltering in the crucial phase of the game.

"So, I choose to appoint experienced sports psychologist and motivator to gain my mental strength.”

Kolkata-based sports psychologist and motivator Mrinal Chakrabarty who also had worked with junior World Cup winning Indian hockey team a couple of months ago, revealed, “NLP training is very precious.

" The brain of a human being is directed after it gets the first response of realisation from five main organs.

"NLP training helps this brain to read and take decision faster after getting feedback from these five main organs.

"Icons like Usain Bolt and Lionel Messi go through NLP training before any crucial tournament or match.”

The motivator opined that his main job will be to keep Deepika get rid of mental pressure before any tournament like Olympics and World Championship.

Along with Deepika, the motivator will also provide psychological training for other ace Indian archers like Jayanta Talukdar and 23 other archers.

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