WC 2015: At least 1 Asian team has featured in all WC semis except 1975

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Sydney, March 21: With the exit of Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Pakistan in the quarter-finals, India became the only Asian side to make the semifinals of the ICC World Cup 2015 being played in Australia and New Zealand.

World Cup Special, Semi-final schedule

By reaching the semifinals, India also ensured that the tradition of minimum one Asian side featuring in the semifinals of the cricket World Cup remained alive.


Barring the inaugural edition of 1975, all other World Cups have seen at least one Asian team playing in the semifinal (2011 saw the most, 3). The World Cup has been won by Asian teams four times so far (twice by India and once by Pakistan and Sri Lanka each).

Here is a look at the semifinalists of the cricket World Cup since 1975:

  • 1975: West Indies (winner), Australia, England, New Zealand
  • 1979: West Indies (winner), England, Pakistan, New Zealand
  • 1983: India (winner), West Indies, England, Pakistan
  • 1987: Australia (winner), England, India, Pakistan
  • 1992: Pakistan (winner), England, New Zealand, South Africa
  • 1996: Sri Lanka (winner), Australia, India, West Indies
  • 1999: Australia (winner), Pakistan, South Africa, New Zealand
  • 2003: Australia (winner), India, Sri Lanka, Kenya
  • 2007: Australia (winner), Sri Lanka, New Zealand, South Africa
  • 2011: India (winner), Sri Lanka, Pakistan, New Zealand
  • 2015: South Africa, India, Australia, New Zealand (winners yet to be decided)

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