WC 2015: Dear Bangladeshis, be a sport & don't make such a big fuss

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Massive protests have been staged in Bangladesh after the team's 109-loss to India in the quarter-final of the 2015 World Cup at Melbourne on Thursday. The umpires of the match were slammed left, right and centre and even the corporate interests were accused of making India the winner so that the business goes on uninterrupted.

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How good a team is Bangladesh that their supporters are making such a big noise?

But is Bangladesh that good a team that a loss is making its supporters go crazy? The protest by the supporters who abide little by logic can still be understood.


Sub-continent is known for its over-reaction but it's ridiculous the way the ICC chief has slammed his own body

Over-reacting is something common in the sub-continent (recall the 1996 semifinal between India and Sri Lanka at the Eden Gardens in Kolkata) but the way the president of the International Cricket Council, Mustafa Kamal, a Bangladeshi, mocked the international cricket body as "Indian Cricket Council" after the quarter-final at Melbourne, it shows Bangladesh's taste in a poor light.

Didn't the ICC president from Bangladesh know that India dominates the game nowadays? Or did he learn it yesterday?

Didn't Mustafa Kamal know about India's domination in the world of commercial cricket all these days? A sudden loss and the politician-turned-cricket official discovers cricket's soul? Isn't it a shameless display of partiality by a person who is sitting at the helm of cricket's topmost body?

Bangladesh lost because they are yet to match India's strength

Bangladesh lost the match because they are yet to match India's strength in the 22 yards. The difference of skills between the two sides are telling and so is that between their experiences. It would have mattered little for the end result had Rohit Sharma been out for 90.

After conceding 182 runs in 20 overs and failing to score an individual 50, Bangladesh hoped to win the match?

Bangladeshi bowlers were severely punished by the Indian batsmen in the final 20 overs and while batting, no Bangladeshi batsman could get past a 40, forget hitting an emphatic ton which is a must to successfully chase down a target of 303.

Bangladesh are trying to shield their bad game by putting the onus on Aleem Dar

With such temperament in bowling and batting departments and even fielding (the world burst into a laughter while seeing a Bangladeshi fielder making a mess at the boundary), do Bangladesh's protests over poor umpiring look logical?

Habibul Bashar looked the only Bangladeshi with some logic

Former Bangladesh cricket captain Habibul Bashar was the only one from the other side of the fence who spoke sensibly. Bashar sympathised with the umpires and said decisions can go in favour or against on a given day and that is why cricket is a great leveller. But the way his country's supporters and media are shouting slogans after yesterday's match, it looks Bangladesh have a pretty big sense of self-importance.

How many Tests have Bangladesh won till today and how many against top teams?

How many Tests have they won till today and if yes, how many of them are against top teams?

And if Aleem Dar hadn't done anything wrong on the day when Bangladesh shocked India at Port of Spain in the Caribbeans in 2007 (he was the umpire in that match as well), then why today?

Was Dhoni's winning the toss also controlled by cricket corporates?

We hope Bangladesh don't allege that the coin that was used for the toss at the MCG was remote-controlled by the corporate houses and India won it just because they wanted Dhoni's team to bat first and post a big score.

Dear Bangladeshis, we sympathise with you for the umpiring goof-up but please accept the fact that India was the better side at MCG yesterday. We also hope that this loss makes you stronger and throw us a bigger challenge in the future.

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