What happens if you ask 'God' Sachin his full name? British Airways just found out

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Bengaluru, Nov 13: Cricket fans will remember Friday the 13th this year for 2 reasons - Sachin Tendulkar and British Airways. While the day made Tendulkar angry, it also triggered a massive outrage against the airlines from the supporters of "God of cricket".

Today, Tendulkar took to Twitter to convey that he was angry, disappointed and frustrated with British Airways' service. In reply, the airlines, among other things, asked Tendulkar for his full name. The moment the airlines sent this response of "full name", Twitter was flooded with replies from his fans to British Airways.

File photo: A fan runs on to the field to touch 'God' Tendulkar's feet during a Ranji Trophy game

The batting legend retired from the game in 2013 but is currently playing in his own Cricket All Stars Series in the USA. Despite him walking away from top-flight cricket, his fan following has not diminished. The taste of which was received by British Airways.

It can be recalled that tennis star Maria Sharapova of Russia had come under similar attack in July 2014 when she had admitted that she had not heard of Tendulkar.

Here are few angry/funny responses from Sachin's fans

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