SC sacks Anurag Thakur: Syed Kirmani welcomes move, says BCCI should follow Lodha reforms

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Bengaluru, Jan 2: The Supreme Court on Monday (January 2) cracked down on the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), sacking its president Anurag Thakur and secretary Ajay Shirke. (Thakur reacts after sacking)

SC sacks Thakur; Twitter reactions

Most cricket commentators feel that the move will clean up cricket specifically and sports in general in India. The Supreme Court's move was welcomed by those who believe that monopolies created by politicians in sports need to be rooted out.

File photo: Ajay Shirke (left) and Anurag Thakur

"It is most certainly a landmark judgement as it sets a precedence for every sports body and society in India. The writing is on the wall, the Sports Ministry has failed to stem the rot and the Supreme Court has made a huge statement with immense consequences for the future of both the societies, sports bodies in India and of course the BCCI," said former cricketer Saad Bin Jung.

He also said that post the Supreme Court's order, sport authorities will have to become answerable, transparent, cut out corruption and govern sports for the love of the game in the true spirit of the game else pay the price and get a complete overhaul administered by a Supreme Court appointed body.

Former India wicketkeeper Syed Kirmani also welcomed the move. "We need transparency in the system for betterment of cricket. Lodha committee report should be followed," the legendary cricketer said.

The move is also being looked up as an attempt to clean up cricket.

"Over a period of time the politicians have created their own little sporting monopolies, be it in boxing, hockey, olympic associations and even cricket. This needs to be cleansed," Saad said.

"Further only the corrupt are frightened of reforms in a non-profit organisation. The non-corrupt welcome this move. With the proper panel in place to monitor and administrate BCCI, we could have a superbly run outfit in within six months," he added.

He said that the judgement will change the way cricket is administered and that the ripple effect will be felt in other other sporting bodies. They believe that Indian sports will get cleansed. Most however, felt it wasn't the best idea to allow only sportspersons to administer sports.

"We are not trained to administrate the sport, we are not trained to handle the huge sums of money that are transacted and control the corruption that has completely destroyed the foundation of most sporting bodies in India", said Saad.

He reiterated that trained professionals that are completely above aboard and ably supported by sportspersons and other luminaries are needed.

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