Ranji Trophy 2015-16: Full schedule and tournament guide

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The new season of Ranji Trophy will commence on October 1 (Thursday) at various venues across India. Karnataka, who have won the title for 2 years in a row, will again begin as favourites.

Karnataka, led by R Vinay Kumar, are capable of making it a hat-trick. Most the players, who were part of the 2 winning sides, again feature in this year's squad. They are in Group A and being campaign against Assam in Guwahati.

Karnataka players celebrating after winning Ranji Trophy in 2014-15 season in March this year

Ranji Trophy, India's premier first-class tournament, conducted by the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), is one of the platforms for youngsters to stake claim for national selection. 

Here is your guide to the 2015-16 season of Ranji Trophy

  • Groups - 27 teams divided into 3 pools
  • Group A: Karnataka, Bengal, Assam, Maharashtra, Haryana, Rajasthan, Delhi, Odisha, Vidarbha
  • Group B: Andhra, Mumbai, Punjab, Railways, Baroda, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh
  • Group C: Hyderabad, Goa, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir, Kerala, Saurashtra, Tripura, Services, Jharkhand
  • Defending champions: Karnataka
  • Last season's runner-up: Tamil Nadu
  • Last season's semi-finalists: Karnataka, Mumbai, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra
  • Last season's quarter-finalists: Karnataka, Assam, Delhi, Mumbai, Vidarbha, Tamil Nadu, Andhra, Maharashtra
  • Relegated to Group C: Jammu and Kashmir (last in Group A), Saurashtra (bottom-placed in Group B)
  • Promoted to Group A and B: Assam (topped Group C) and Andhra (2nd in Group C)

The format

  • Each team plays the other in the Group once in league stage. All 27 sides get to play 8 games each
  • For Quarter-finals, top 3 from Group A, Group B and top 2 from Group C will qualify
  • Top 2 sides from Group C will be promoted to Group A and Group B for the next season while the bottom-placed in A and B will be releagated to C in 2016-17

Most Ranji Trophy titles (the tournament started in 1934-35 season. So far 81 finals played)

  • 40 - Bombay/Mumbai
  • 8 - Mysore/Karnataka
  • 7 - Delhi
  • 5 - Baroda
  • 4 - Holkar/Madhya Pradesh
  • 2 each - Bengal, Madras/Tamil Nadu, Rajasthan, Hyderabad, Maharashtra, Railways, Western India/Nawanagar/Saurashtra
  • 1 each - Haryana, Punjab, United Province/Uttar Pradesh

Most Ranji Trophy final appearances

  • 44 - Bombay/Mumbai
  • 14 each - Mysore/Karnataka, Delhi
  • 13 - Bengal
  • 12 - Madras/Tamil Nadu
  • 11 - Holkar/Madhya Pradesh
  • 10 - Rajasthan
  • 9 - Baroda
  • 6 - United Province/Uttar Pradesh
  • 5 each - Hyderabad, Maharashtra
  • 4 each - Railways, Western India/Nawanagar/Saurashtra, Southern Punjab/Punjab
  • 2 - Haryana, Services
  • 1 each - Bihar, Gujarat, Northern India

Last 10 champions

  • 2014-15 - Karnataka (beat Tamil Nadu)
  • 2013-14 - Karnataka (beat Maharashtra)
  • 2012-13 - Mumbai (beat Saurashtra)
  • 2011-12 - Rajasthan (beat Tamil Nadu)
  • 2010-11 - Rajasthan (beat Baroda)
  • 2009-10 - Mumbai (beat Karnataka)
  • 2008-09 - Mumbai (beat Uttar Pradesh)
  • 2007-08 - Delhi (beat Uttar Pradesh)
  • 2006-07 - Mumbai (beat Bengal)
  • 2005-06 - Uttar Pradesh (beat Bengal)

Points System

  • 6 points for an outright victory
  • 3 points for first-innings lead in drawn games
  • 1 point to the team conceding first-innings lead in drawn games
  • 1 bonus point for innings victory or a 10-wicket success
  • 1 point each for both teams when no side gets first innings lead
  • 1 point each if tied scores in both first innings in drawn games
  • 2 points each if scores are tied in both completed innings
  • 0 points for an outright loss
Karnataka captain R Vinay Kumar holds the Ranji Trophy after leading his side to victory in the final against Tamil Nadu in March this year
Ranji Trophy 2015-16 Fixtures (October 1, 2015 to February 28, 2016)
All matches start at 9.30 AM IST
Dates Matches and Venue
October 1-4
(Thursday to Sunday)
Assam Vs Karnataka, Guwahati
Vidarbha Vs Odisha, Nagpur
Maharashtra Vs Haryana, Pune
Rajasthan Vs Delhi, Jaipur
Tamil Nadu Vs Baroda, Chennai
Uttar Pradesh Vs Madhya Pradesh, Moradabad
Punjab Vs Railways, Mohali
Andhra Vs Mumbai, Vizianagaram
Services Vs Jharkhand, Palam
Saurashtra Vs Tripura, Rajkot
Goa Vs Hyderabad, Goa
Jammu and Kashmir Vs Kerala, Jammu
October 8-11
(Thursday to Sunday)
Odisha Vs Maharashtra, Cuttack
Assam Vs Rajasthan, Guwahati
Karnataka Vs Bengal, Bengaluru
Delhi Vs Vidarbha, New Delhi
Madhya Pradesh Vs Tamil Nadu, Indore
Mumbai Vs Punjab, Mumbai
Andhra Vs Gujarat, Vizianagaram
Baroda Vs Railways, Vadodara
Saurashtra Vs Jharkhand, Rajkot
Hyderabad Vs Kerala, Hyderabad
Himachal Pradesh Vs Jammu and Kashmir, Dharamsala
Goa Vs Services, Goa
October 15-18
(Thursday to Sunday)
Bengal Vs Rajasthan, Kolkata
Delhi Vs Haryana, New Delhi
Karnataka Vs Vidarbha, Bengaluru
Mumbai Vs Tamil Nadu, Mumbai
Punjab Vs Gujarat, Mohali
Uttar Pradesh Vs Railways, Ghaziabad
Andhra Vs Baroda, Vizianagaram
Kerala Vs Jharkhand, Malappuram
Himachal Pradesh Vs Hyderabad, Dharamsala
Goa Vs Tripura, Goa
Jammu and Kashmir Vs Services, Jammu
October 22-25
(Thursday to Sunday)
Rajasthan Vs Maharashtra
Vidarbha Vs Assam, Nagpur
Delhi Vs Bengal, New Delhi
Karnataka Vs Haryana, Mysuru
Punjab Vs Madhya Pradesh, Patiala
Baroda Vs Mumbai, Vadodara
Railways Vs Gujarat, New Delhi
Andhra Vs Uttar Pradesh, Ongole
Saurashtra Vs Hyderabad, Rajkot
Services Vs Kerala, Palam
Himachal Pradesh Vs Goa, Dharamsala
Tripura Vs Jammu and Kashmir, Agartala
October 30-November 2
(Friday to Monday)
Odisha Vs Delhi, Bhubaneshwar
Vidarbha Vs Maharashtra, Nagpur
Rajasthan Vs Karnataka, Jaipur
Haryana Vs Bengal, Lahli
Railways Vs Tamil Nadu, New Delhi
Baroda Vs Madhya Pradesh, Vadodara
Punjab Vs Andhra, Patiala
Gujarat Vs Uttar Pradesh, Valsad
Jharkhand Vs Goa, Jamshedpur
Services Vs Saurashtra, Palam
Hyderabad Vs Jammu and Kashmir, Hyderabad
Himachal Pradesh Vs Tripura, Dharamsala
November 7-10
(Saturday to Tuesday)
Karnataka Vs Odisha, Mysuru
Delhi Vs Maharashtra, New Delhi
Haryana Vs Assam, Lahli
Bengal Vs Vidarbha, Kolkata
Tamil Nadu Vs Andhra, Chennai
Madhya Pradesh Vs Railways, Gwalior
Mumbai Vs Uttar Pradesh, Mumbai
Gujarat Vs Baroda, Valsad
Jharkhand Vs Jammu and Kashmir, Dhanbad
Saurashtra Vs Goa, Rajkot
Kerala Vs Tripura, Malappuram
Himachal Pradesh Vs Services, Dharamsala
November 15-18
(Sunday to Wednesday)
Haryana Vs Odisha, Lahli
Maharashtra Vs Bengal, Pune
Vidarbha Vs Rajasthan, Nagpur
Assam Vs Delhi, Guwahati
Uttar Pradesh Vs Tamil Nadu, Kanpur
Gujarat Vs Madhya Pradesh, Surat
Baroda Vs Punjab, Vadodara
Mumbai Vs Railways, Mumbai
Tripura Vs Jharkhand, Agartala
Saurashtra Vs Himachal Pradesh, Rajkot
Services Vs Hyderabad, Palam
Goa Vs Kerala, Goa
November 23-26
(Monday to Thursday)
Bengal Vs Odisha, Kolkata
Maharashtra Vs Assam, Pune
Haryana Vs Rajasthan, Lahli
Karnataka Vs Delhi, Hubballi
Tamil Nadu Vs Gujarat, Chennai
Madhya Pradesh Vs Mumbai, Patiala
Uttar Pradesh Vs Punjab, Kanpur
Railways Vs Andhra, New Delhi
Jharkhand Vs Himachal Pradesh, Ranchi
Kerala Vs Saurashtra, Malappuram
Hyderabad Vs Tripura, Hyderabad
Jammu and Kashmir Vs Goa, Jammu
December 1-4
(Tuesday to Friday)
Rajasthan Vs Odisha, Jaipur
Maharashtra Vs Karnataka, Pune
Assam Vs Bengal, Guwahati
Vidarbha Vs Haryana, Nagpur
Tamil Nadu Vs Punjab, Chennai
Madhya Pradesh Vs Andhra, Indore
Mumbai Vs Gujarat, Mumbai
Uttar Pradesh Vs Baroda, Kanpur
Hyderabad Vs Jharkhand, Hyderabad
Jammu and Kashmir Vs Saurashtra, Jammu
Kerala Vs Himachal Pradesh, Malappuram
Tripura Vs Services, Agartala
February 3-7, 2016 
(Wednesday to Sunday)
All 4 Quarterfinals
(Venues to be confirmed later)
February 13-17, 2016 
(Saturday to Wednesday)
Both Semi-finals
(Venues to be confirmed later)
February 24-28, 2016
(Wednesday to Sunday)

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