London through the lens of OPPO F3 phone – Best places to visit

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London, June 18: If there is any city in the world where you find a seamless combination of the past, present and the future then it is London.

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While there are some quaint streets and corners that seem still submerged in the Victorian areas there are others that seem to be from the future with their mass of technology and architecture.

No matter why you came to London, there is something for everyone to see. 

Of course, everyone is making their way to London right now because it is the city where the finals of the ICC Champions Trophy 2017 is taking place.

5 other matches were held in London during the tournament at The Oval which is where the final as well will take place.

Here is a compilation of the most popular places to visit in London all seen through the lens of a OPPO F3 selfie expert phone.

Buckingham Palace

The home to the reigning king or queen, Buckingham Palace is everything that defines royalty. It is the currently the home of Queen Elizabeth II and except for the Queen's private quarters, the rest of the palace is open for tours.

Buckingham Palace

You get access to 19 state rooms where the royal family hosts its guests including the Throne Room. Another attraction at the Buckingham Palace is the Changing of the Guard which occurs every day at 11.30 am from April to July. The area gets crowded very quickly at that time so make sure you get their early to grab a good spot.

Guards outside Buckingham Palace

The London Eye

London Eye

If you've ever seen pictures of London city then no doubt you would have seen the giant Ferris wheel which is situated right next to the Thames River. The London Eye, also called the Millennium Wheel, doesn't just offer a great panoramic view of the city but is a thrilling ride as well because of the unique experience it offers. It circles around slowly offering a bird's eye view of London's South Bank. But if you fear heights then this is probably not a good idea because at its highest point The London Eye is 400ft high above ground.

Looking at London through the lens of the OPPO F3 selfie expert phone really makes the whole city come alive with the vibrancy of colours and superb clarity. It's like taking a piece of the vivid London city back home with you.

London Tower and Tower Bridge

London Tower

The Tower of London which has been featured in many movies till date, has played many roles in the history of Great Britain. It has been a prison, a palace, a private zoo and currently it is house to the Crown Jewels. Other things that you get to see in the Tower of London include the Royal Mint, the Beefeaters and exhibits from the executions that took place when it was a prison.

London Bridge

Adjacent to the Tower of London is the Tower Bridge. It has two huge towers that are 61 meters in height. It is hard to believe that 120 years ago our forefathers were capable of such magnificent architecture. The highlight of the bridge, though, is its lifting up to allow large ships sailing on the Thames to cross. If you want a view of London from a vantage point of 137 feet, then this is the place you should head to.

Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey

The moment you get even close to Westminster Abbey you feel you have stepped back in time. The area is always busy because there is so much to do when you are here. You can visit the Poet's corner, the tombs of Elizabeth I and Mary Tudor and much more. 

The Oval Grounds

The Oval Grounds

The Oval Ground is also called the Mecca of Cricket. Some of the greatest matches in the history of cricket have been played here and every player looks forward to the day when he would be able to become a part of the history of this worshipped ground. It is here that India will take on Pakistan on 18th June, Sunday in the finals of the ICC Champions Trophy 2017. There is so much more to see in London city. This is not just a city but an experience that will leave you spell bound. 

Selfie with OPPO F3

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