KPL 2015 Players' Auction: All-rounder Stuart Binny is the costliest buy

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Bengaluru, July 25: All-rounder Stuart Binny emerged as the costliest buy at the Players' Auction of Karnataka Premier League (KPL) 2015 here at the M Chinnaswamy Stadium premises on Saturday.

How the auction works?; Final list of squads after auction

Binny was bought by new team Namma Shivamogga for a price of Rs 5.5 lakh. The next best was fast bowler Abhimanyu Mithun for Rs 5.1 lakh by Bijapur Bulls. Robin Uthappa surprisingly went for a low price at Rs 3.4 lakh. He was the highest bid player last year with Rs 5.3 lakh.

Stuart Binny

Here is a recap of the day

6.26 PM: After a long day, the Players' Auction has concluded. Here is what the teams spent - Belagavi Panthers - Rs 20 lakh (full); Bijapur Bulls Rs 19,95,000; Mangalore United Rs 17,75,750; Bellary Tuskers Rs 19,25,000; Hubli Tigers Rs 17,60,000; Mysore Warriors Rs 18,05,000; Namma Shivamogga Rs 19,25,000. The tournament starts on September 2.

Here is the final list of players sold

6.12 PM: Belagavi have ended their shopping. They now have 18 players. "At the end of a frenetic day of shopping in the Karnataka Premier League Players Auction 2015, we finally have the 18 lads who will represent the Belagavi Panthers in the competition," a tweet from the franchise said.

6.00 PM: Another one in the lakh club. Praveen Dubey, the all-rounder gets Rs 2.6 lakh from Belagavi

5.53 PM: Could be the last big battle, for Manjesh Reddy. Mysore retain him at Rs 2.2 lakh

5.48 PM: Lot of buys at the base price of Rs 10,000 as we head towards the end of the auction. Stuart Binny set to remain as the highest paid at Rs 5.5 lakh

5.33 PM: We are in to the second and final set in Pool B. SP Manjunath was bought for Rs 2.2 lakh by Bellary. He was with Mysore last year

4.34 PM: Time for a break at the auction. They will be back soon. We are almost towards the end of it

4.23 PM: Mangalore captain Rohit Sabharwal stays with the franchise as he is bought for Rs 10,000

4.08 PM: M Nideesh gets Rs 3.2 lakh from Bijapur after intense bidding. Mir Kaunain Abbas is picked by Shivamogga for Rs 2.15 lakh

4.04 PM: Rockstars (All Star Celebrity XI) captain, actor Sudeep with Shivamogga team at the auction

3.50 PM: 17-year-old Nikin Jose picked by Mysore for Rs 10,000

3.33 PM: KN Bharath bought by Belagavi for Rs 2.55 lakh. The team calls him an 'incredible talent'

3.24 PM: Currently, batsmen being sold. Stalin Hoover stays with Belagavi for Rs 1 lakh. KV Siddharth goes to Shivamogga for Rs 60,000

3.14 PM: Another surprise from Pool B. All-rounder MG Naveen picked by Mysore for Rs 2.35 lakh. He was impressive in last edition with Bijapur

2.58 PM: Another big gainer is BN Bharath (all-rounder). He was picked by Mangalore for Rs 1.7 lakh. Another all-rounder Aditya Sagar bought for Rs 1.25 lakh by Shivamogga

2.42 PM: In the post-lunch session, the biggest gainer has been left-arm seam bowler Prateek Jain, who was bought for Rs 1.55 lakh by Hubli. NC Aiyappa, who played for Belagavi last year, will this time play for Bellary as they bought him for Rs 1.35 lakh

1.27 PM: Lunch break. Funds remaining (in lakhs) - Bellary - Rs 8.8, Bijapur Rs 7.7, Mangalore Rs 7.44; Bellary Rs 7.9; Hubli Rs 10.5; Mysore Rs 10; Shivamogga Rs 7.5. Auction resumes at 2 PM. For the updated list of sold players check here

1.15 PM: Shivamogga have picked Daivik Viswanath, son of legendary batsman GR Viswanath, for Rs 10,000. Daivik is an off-spinner. Shivamogga also add Vikram Venkatesh (Rs 10,000). Mangalore pick left-arm spinner Syed Moinnuddin. Bellary sign Likith Bannur (Rs 65,000)

1.01 PM: Now time for auction from Pool B. Base price of each player is Rs 10,000. Spinners first. Adhoksh Hegde is the player to start with. He is unsold

12.46 PM: Players Auction heads for a 5-minute break. All Pool A players' auction over. Next is Pool B

12.45 PM: KC Avinash, who was earlier unsold, is picked for Rs 50,000 (base price) by Mangalore

12.40 PM: Fast bowler HS Sharath is next up to buy

12.39 PM: Rs 3.8 lakh for Verma from Bellary

12.37 PM: Now bidding for left-hand batsman Amit Verma

12.32 PM: Sold - Rs 90,000 for Chipli from Bellary

12.31 PM: Next up is batsman Bharat Chipli

12.30 PM: David Mathias goes to Mysore for Rs 1.7 lakh

12.27 PM: Udit Patel to Mangalore for Rs 2.4 lakh

12.26 PM: Mayank goes to Belagavi for Rs 3.8

12.20 PM: Mayank Agarwal, who plays for Delhi Daredevils in IPL, is up next

12.18 PM: Aniruddha Joshi, who was a surprise pick last year at Rs 4.05 lakh, went little less this time, for Rs 3.7 lakh

12.14 PM: B Akhil (all-rounder) next. He goes to Bijapur for Rs 1.3 lakh

12.11: K Gautham (off-spinner) - Rs 1.1 lakh (Mysore)

12.08 PM: Rs 5.5 lakh for Binny from Shivamogga

12.07 PM: For the first time today, a player has breached the Rs 5-lakh mark. It is Binny

Robin Uthappa

12.03 PM: Stuart Binny next up. It will be interesting to see who will pick him and at what price

12.01 PM: Pawan Deshpande (batsman) Rs 1.8 lakh to Bellary

12 Noon: Kranthi Kumar (all-rounder) goes to Hubli for Rs 1.8 lakh

11.55 AM: Uthappa for Rs 3.4 lakh to Bijapur. Far less than expected

11.53 AM: It is between Belagavi and Bijapur. Rs 2.9 from Belagavi. Bijapur raise it to Rs 3 lakh. It is only between the two now. No other bidders

11.51 AM: The biggest draw is here. Robin Uthappa. He was the costliest at Rs 5.3 lakh last year. Belagavi open the bidding at Rs 50,000

11.50 AM: 8 players sold so far

11.49 AM: Kazi to Shivamogga Rs 1.80 lakh

11.47 AM: Bidding now for left-arm spinner Abrar Kazi

11.46 AM: Sold - Rs 1.2 lakh for Jonathan from Belagavi

11.45 AM: Next player is R Jonathan (batsman)

11.44 AM: Sold - Rs 3.1 lakh for Shreyas from Shivamogga

11.38 AM: Next is leg-spinner Shreyas Gopal, who plays for Mumbai Indians in the Indian Premier League

11.38 AM: Sadiq goes to Shivamogga for Rs 1.4 lakh

11.36 AM: Next player is Sadiq Kirmani, son of former India wicketkeeper and World Cup winner Syed Kirmani. Like his father, he too is a stumper-batsman

Mayank Agarwal

11.35 AM: Bhavane goes to Mangalore Rs 2.5 lakh

11.31 AM: Next is left-hand batsman Shishir Bhavane

11.29 AM: Next up is SL Akshay (fast bowler). He goes to Hubli for Rs 1.40 lakh

11.28 AM: Rs 3.20 lakh for Gautam to Mysore

11.26 AM: Gautam's bidding price breaches Rs 3 lakh mark

11.23 AM: Next up is wicketkeeper-batsman CM Gautam (Rs 50,000 base price)

11.22 AM: Finally, Bijapur pick Mithun for Rs 5.10 lakh

11.21 AM: Mysore Warriors also join in. Mithun's bid reaches Rs 4 lakh. Bijapur Bulls come in with Rs 4.10 lakh. Now it is Rs 5 lakh from Tuskers. Keeps going up, Rs 5.10 from Bijapur

11.19 AM: Abhimanyu Mithun (fast bowler) is first up. Shivamogga start bidding - base price Rs 50,000. Bellary Tuskers join in

11.18 AM: Charu asks all teams' officials whether they know all the rules of the auction. All set. Here we go

11.16 AM: Charu Sharma takes over. He begins the auction. He welcomes all and the new franchise Namma Shivamogga

11.15 AM: The teams have been briefed about the available funds to buy the players

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