Revealed! Here's the secret to Virat Kohli's success

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New Delhi, May 6: India's premier batsman Virat Kohli's aggression has been a much talked about topic and the country's Test captain feels that as long as the aggression is expressed in a positive manner, sportspersons should have that trait in them.

"This (aggression) is what helps me be at top of of my game. I would not change or trade that for anything else in the world. Every sportsperson should have that aggression or killer instinct -- in a very good way and not in an arrogant way," said the Royal Challengers Bangalore skipper.

Know the secret to Virat Kohli's success.
Kohli also feels that at times, in India, a cricketer is often judged by his off-the-field life rather than his on-field achievements, which he does not support.

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"As a sporting nation, there is lack of patience in terms of judging someone too quickly. When I came into the team, I had tattoos, dressed up in a certain way, I used to do things I felt were fine but may be not in perfect mould of a stereotype Test cricketer.

When I now see any youngster being judged early for being a bit more flamboyant, I correct them that there is nothing wrong.

"Please judge him on what he doing on field, not judge him not in his own life or how he is as a person," said the 27-year-old.

With 36 international hundreds to his credit (25 in ODIs and 11 in Tests), Kohli has been shattering records but for him, it is his contribution in team's victory that gives him the sense of pleasure.

"I never connect to those things (records) too much. I have never played for that but if in process of playing well wanting to win for my team, I end up crossing a milestone or breaking a record, I have been able to do it but it's not driving me.

I do not challenge myself to break records. I would rather focus on real things. The feeling a team gets to win a game, I want to be the guy to help the team achieving that."

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