IPL 2017: MI's Kieron Pollard cheats trying to win but fails

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Mumbai, May 12: Kings XI Punjab (KXIP) edged Mumbai Indians (MI) by 7 runs in an Indian Premier League (IPL) 2017 not before some controversy at the Wankhede Stadium last night (May 11).

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MI batsman Kieron Pollard's aim on Thursday night was to win at all costs, not playing in the spirit of the game. (Scorecard)

Screengrab: Pollard (right) deliberately takes a short run as Mohit watches

With 16 runs needed off the final over by paceman Mohit Sharma, Pollard cheated the game by deliberately running a run short. (Guptill's one-handed stunner)

Pollard faced the first ball of the 20th over from Mohit and hit it to long-on. KXIP captain Glenn Maxwell was slow to react and batsmen ran two. The bowler was clearly not impressed with Maxwell's effort.

Few inches away

But it was more than that fielding effort. The umpires checked for a run short and it emerged that Pollard had intentionally grounded his bat few inches away from the popping crease as he hurried back to retain the strike.

The umpire signalled one run short but Pollard succeeded in his mission. He wanted to face the next ball and keep Harbhajan Singh at the non-striker's end.

MI's chances of winning rested with Pollard and the West Indian cheated to return to the wicketkeeper's end. He hit a six next ball. But Pollard's ploy in the next 4 balls did not work as he failed to finish the game.

Former cricketers Danny Morrison, Daren Ganga and Isa Guha were on TV commentary when the incident happened. The trio burst into laughter while watching the replays. But it was not funny.

Ganga revealed that Pollard took a short run deliberately. He said, "That's Kieron Pollard for you. I know the man. He's being cheeky."

According to Law 18 which deals with "Scoring Runs", a batsman can be warned for such acts and penalised 5 runs.

Former India batsman Aakash Chopra said Pollard's act was "yellow card" offence. "Pollard running one-short was a 'Yellow Card' offence...not cheeky. #MIvKXIP #IPL."

Here is what Law 18 (Scoring Runs) states

18.3 Short runs

(a) A run is short if a batsman fails to make good his ground in turning for a further run.

(b) Although a short run shortens the succeeding one, the latter if completed shall not be regarded as short. A striker setting off for his first run from in front of his popping crease may do so also without penalty.

4. Unintentional short runs

Except in the circumstances of 5 below,

(a) if either batsman runs a short run, the umpire concerned shall, unless a boundary is scored, call and signal Short run as soon as the ball becomes dead and that run shall not be scored.

(b) if, after either or both batsmen run short, a boundary is scored the umpire concerned shall disregard the short running and shall not call or signal Short run.

(c) if both batsmen run short in one and the same run, this shall be regarded as only one short run.

(d) if more than one run is short then, subject to (b) and (c) above, all runs so called shall not be scored.

If there has been more than one short run, the umpire shall inform the scorers as to the number of runs to be recorded.

5. Deliberate short runs

(a) Notwithstanding 4 above, if either umpire considers that either or both batsmen deliberately run short at his end, the umpire concerned shall, when the ball is dead, inform the other umpire of what has occurred. The bowler's end umpire shall then

(i) warn both batsmen that the practice is unfair and indicate that this is a first and final warning. This warning shall apply throughout the innings. The umpire shall so inform each incoming batsman.

(ii) whether a batsman is dismissed or not, disallow all runs to the batting side from that delivery other than any runs awarded for penalties.

(iii) return the batsmen to their original ends.

(iv) inform the captain of the fielding side and, as soon as practicable, the captain of the batting side of the reason for this action.

(v) inform the scorers as to the number of runs to be recorded.

(b) If there is any further instance of deliberate short running by any batsman in that innings, the umpire concerned shall, when the ball is dead, inform the other umpire of what has occurred and the procedure set out in (a) (ii), (iii) and (iv) above shall be repeated. Additionally the bowler's end umpire shall,

(i) award 5 penalty runs to the fielding side

(ii) inform the scorers as to the number of runs to be recorded

(iii) together with the other umpire report the occurrence as soon as possible after the match to the Executive of the batting side and to any Governing Body responsible for the match, who shall take such action as is considered appropriate against the captain and the player or players concerned.

Watch the video of Pollard's short run

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