'Indian Premier League (IPL) is a revolution and God sent'

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Bengaluru, April 30: Danny Morrison, the former fast bowler from New Zealand, has called the Indian Premier League (IPL) a "revolution", "God sent" and the best Twenty20 tournament on earth.

IPL Special; Points Table

The 49-year-old Morrison, who is part of the TV commentary team and is often referred to as doing too much with his entertaining stuff on the pitch, is not bothered about his critics.

Morrison sports a unique headgear at IPL 8

"If someone says 'clown Morrison, go and do that', I will do it. I am happy to dress up and get into the gear and do it," that is his reply to those who think the Kiwi gets under their skin.

Morrison, writing for IPL's official website IPLT20.com, reveals why he stresses too much on entertainment more than the game.

"Every year I look forward to the IPL for the sheer fact that it is so unique. The IPL has been fascinating to be a part of because it is just another revolution. You had the Kerry Packer revolution in the late 70s and now you have got the T20 explosion. Everyone knows, understands and appreciates that the IPL is the best T20 tournament on earth, purely because of the passion for the game in India. It is huge.

"For me, the IPL and other T20 tournaments have been a bit of a God sent," he wrote.

"Personally, I love commentating on all formats but get upbeat and wild at times during the IPL. That is because I feel I embrace the entertainment side of it and blend into the Bollywood and cricket mix perfectly. I am quite insane anyway, more extroverted than introverted," Morrison, who played 48 Tests and 96 One Day Internationals, said.

Pantomime in New Zealand

"People ask me why I go over the top on camera, get animated with my expressions and pull up weird faces. A lot of it stems back to my days as a 12-year old when my mother would take me to pantomime (a type of musical comedy stage production) in between moving to different parts of Auckland.

"Before I got into cricket, I went to pantomime on the weekends. I would be involved with a lot of arts and theatre because my mother was into it. In a way the IPL is also a lot like theatre where you are putting up a good show like in theatre. It is almost a case of Lights! Camera! Action! I completely fit into it and I am up for it all the time. It is something that is not hard for me. I think because of my history of growing up and doing pantomime, it bodes well for me here," he shed light on his unique character.

'Fun element is important'

Morrison said bringing the "fun element" in T20s was important. "Bringing the fun element into the commentary in T20s is extremely important. The pace of commentary in T20s is up because it is more fast and furious."

"I have also gone and danced with the cheerleaders in the past, done a New Zealand Haka or done a rain dance for matter. That works for me and is easy for me."

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