Full Text: Teary-eyed Kumar Sangakkara's farewell speech in Colombo

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Colombo, Aug 24: Sri Lanka's Kumar Sangakkara made an emotional speech as he quit international cricket after losing the 2nd Test against India at P Sara Oval on Monday (August 24).

Match Scorecard; Match Report

Sangakkara played his 134th and final Test today in Colombo. He could not get a winning send-off as India defeated Sri Lanka by 278 runs on the 5th and final day of the match. (Sachin Tendulkar's farewell speech)

Sangakkara waves to the crowd during his final Test

Here is the full text of Sangakkara's farewell speech

"Your excellency, the President of Sri Lanka (Maithripala Sirisena), the honourable Prime Minister (Ranil Wickremesinghe), Members of Parliament, all the well wishers and the invitees, fans, all my friends, my family, who are all here, which is a rare occasion that all of us are together. Virat Kohli and the Indian team, Angelo (Mathews) and my team, I have got so many people to thank here.


I will start off with my school - Trinity College, Kandy. Trinity College gave me a fantastic ground there in Kandy. It was an amazing school to go to. I owe a lot of who I am today to the grounding and foundation I got there. To all my coaches, I had so many because my father used to take me to so many coaches when I was young. (Kohli presents his jersey to Sangakkara)


Mr. Sunil Fernando, he has coached me from the age of 12, everything that he's taught me has stood me in very good stead. He was from my rival school but he was kind enough to coach me.Whenever I go to Kandy, my father still takes me to him and I spend a couple of hours in the cement nets where I used to play as a kid trying to refine my basics a little more. A big thank you.

Past captains

To all my past captains, to Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC), to all my team-mates, thank you very much for everything that you have done for me. The support that I received, the inspiration, the drive and the commitment you have shown, not just to the game but also to each other and to me, I value all very, very highly. I am going to miss all the dressing room talking, laughing, talking abot nonsense, talking about cricket, I am going to miss that. (Sangakkara High Commissioner?)

Kohli (right) hands over his Test jersey, signed by India players


To Charlie and Suthami Austin, thank you very much for managing me. You've become much more than managing, you've become family. I know I haven't thanked you enough in the past but today I'd like to say a huge thank you for being friends, being my managers and most of all for making me the godfather of your beautiful children.

Parents, an inspiration

A lot of people asked me who inspired me. I did not have to look far for inspiration (tears in his eyes). My parents are here. I am sorry but I don't want to embarrass you too much but I didn't have to look too far from home for inspiration because I've had the most amazing parents anyone could wish for.


I've had amazing siblings and all the support and love they've showed over the years whether I played cricket or not, whether I did well or not the only place I could go and feel safe was at home. Thank you 'amma' (mother) and 'apachchi' (father). A big thank you to all my in-laws, I have been blessed with an extended family. They always say you can't choose family, you can only choose your friends but I am glad I was born as your son and your sibling, thank you very much.

Sangakkara, after his final innings, shakes hands with Kohli


I am sorry I don't usually get emotional but it is very rarely when my parents and my siblings come and watch me play and I am very very thankful. To cap it all off, I've had 15 wonderful years and everyone asks me what my achievement was the World Cup win, the hundreds I have scored. But I would like to say, when I look up at the box today and see all my friends, the people I have known for 30 years of my life, people I have met later in life, all coming here on a Monday to support me.

Family and friends

To have all my family here, my friends here and after this day is over to sit down at home and spend some time with my family and to see that they still love me no matter what happens, no matter whether I win or lose that their love is unconditional that will be my greatest achievement. To all the Sri Lankan fans, this gives me immense pleasure to represent all of you.

Kohli and Team India

To Virat (Kohli) and the Indian team, thank you for everything, your kindness and all the words. I can't ask for anything more than tough cricket when I am leaving. Thank you very much for putting in the effort. You guys over the years, have been our toughest opponents. Doesn't matter if we've lost today, we'll try and beat you in the next game.

Signing off

Thank you for the toughness and thank you for really making it a privilege of mine to play against you. Angi (Angelo Mathews), you have an amazing team and an amazing future. I just hope you will work hard and enjoy this sport, the sport we have only for a short time - it comes and goes but don't be afraid. Take pride in what you do and don't be afraid to lose when you're searching for a win and keep the the Sri Lankan flag flying high."

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