Full schedule of BCCI's tournaments from September 2015 to March 2016

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The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) today (July 20) announced that they will conduct more than 900 matches in 6 months, from October 2015 to March 2016. This would translate to 2,100 playing days, according to the Indian cricket board.

"This year we have re structured the domestic schedule based on our international commitments and ensure that all our players will get an opportunity to participate and perform, thereby improving their chances of being selected for our National teams," BCCI secretary Anurag Thakur said on Monday.

BCCI has announced 2015-16 schedule

Here is the complete domestic schedule (September 2015 to March 2016) released by BCCI

September-1551 Matches
20-Sep30-SepW U 191 Day
Women's U19League51 Matches
October-15175 Matches
1-Oct31-OctSr. Men4 Day
Ranji TrophyLeague48 Matches
1-Oct12-OctU 191 Day
Vinoo MankadLeague60 Matches
5-Oct19-OctW U 191 Day
Women's U19 KOKnock Out23 Matches
10-Oct31-OctU 234 Day
Col. C K NayuduLeague30 Matches
17-Oct23-OctU 191 Day
Vinoo Mankad K OInter Zonal10 Matches
28-Oct31-OctU 191 Day
U19 ChallengerLeague4 Matches
November-15193 Matches
1-Nov10-NovU 234 Day
Col. C K NayuduLeague30 Matches
2-Nov30-NovSr. Men4 Day
Ranji TrophyLeague48 Matches
5-Nov30-NovU 194 Day
Cooch BeharLeague60 Matches
15-Nov23-NovSr. Wo1 Day
Sr. Women's ODLeague55 Matches
December-15185 Matches
1-Dec4-DecSr. Men4 Day
Ranji TrophyLeague12 Matches
1-Dec5-DecSr. Wo1 Day
Sr. Women's OD KOKnock Out13 Matches
1-Dec22-DecU 194 Day
Cooch BeharLeague18 Matches
1-Dec22-DecU 163 Day
Vijay MerchantLeague55 Matches
8-Dec16-DecSr. Men1 Day
One DayLeague78 Matches
21-Dec25-DecSr. Men1 Day
Vijay Hazare KOKnock Out7 Matches
27-Dec31-DecU 164 Day
Vijay Merchant KOKnock Out2 Matches
January-16186 Matches
2-Jan6-JanSr. WoT 20
Women's T 20 Inter StateLeague55 Matches
2-Jan10-JanSr. MenT 20
T 20 Inter StateLeague78 Matches
2-Jan22-JanU 194 Day
Cooch Behar KOKnock Out1 Match
1-Jan26-JanU 164 Day
Vijay Merchant KOKnock Out7 Matches
11-Jan14-JanSr. WoT 20
Women's T 20 KOSuper League10 Matches
15-Jan20-JanSr. MenT 20
Syed Mushtaq AliSuper League21 Matches
17-Jan30-JanW U 192 Day
Women's U19 IZInter Zonal10 Matches
24-Jan28-JanSr. Men1 Day
Prof. Deodhar TrophyKnock Out4 Matches
February-1694 Matches
1-Feb3-MarU 234 Day
Col. C K Nayudu KOKnock Out10 Matches
2-Feb12-FebW U 231 Day
Women's U23League60 Matches
3-Feb28-FebSr. Men5 Day
Ranji Trophy KOKnock Out7 Matches
14-Feb22-FebUniversity3 Day
Vizzy TrophyLeague4 Matches
16-Feb21-FebW U 231 Day
Women's U23 IZInter Zonal10 Matches
26-Feb28-FebSr. Wo3 Day
Sr. Women's IZLeague3 Matches
March-168 Matches
1-Mar16-MarSr. Wo3 Day
Sr. Women's IZLeague7 Matches
6-Mar10-MarSr. Men5 Day
Irani CupKnock Out1 Match

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