Complete list of foreign players in Indian Super League (ISL)

Italian World Cup winner Marco Materazzi is player-manager of Chennaiyin FC
Indian Super League (ISL) football tournament kicks off on October 12 at the Salt Lake Stadium in Kolkata. 8 city-based franchises will vie for top honours on home/away basis matches. The final is on December 20.

Meet the marquee players

The league has a mix of Indian and foreign players. All 8 teams have one marquee player each. All 8 franchises have foreigners as their marquee players. (Full Schedule)

All the marquee players are above the age of 32. The oldest marquee footballer in the league is goalkeeper David James of England, who is 44. He will play for Kerala Blasters FC.

Your guide to the league is here

Here is the complete list of foreign players who will be in action at ISL.

(Read as Player, Country, Age, Position, Team)

  1. Alessandro Del Piero (Italy); 39; Forward; Delhi Dynamos FC - Marquee Player
  2. Alexandros Tzorvas (Greece); 32; Goalkeeper; Northeast United FC
  3. Andre Clarindo dos Santos (Brazil); 31; Defender; FC Goa
  4. Andre Matos Dias Pereira (Portugal); 21; Goalkeeper; Mumbai City FC
  5. Andres Felipe Gonzalez Ramirez (Colombia); 30; Defender; FC Pune City
  6. Andrew Barisic (Australia); 28; Forward; Kerala Blasters FC
  7. Apoula Edima Edel Bete (Armenia); 28; Goalkeeper; Atletico de Kolkata
  8. Arnal Llibert Conde Carbo (Spain); 33; Forward; Atletico de Kolkata
  9. Basilio Sancho Agudo (Spain) 30; Goalkeeper; Atletico de Kolkata
  10. Bernard Mendy (France); 33; Defender; Chennaiyin FC
  11. Bojan Djordjic (Sweden); 32; Midfielder; Chennaiyin FC
  12. Borja Fernandez (Spain); 33; Midfielder; Atletico de Kolkata
  13. Bruno Augusto Pelissari de Lima (Brazil); 21; Midfielder; Chennaiyin FC
  14. Bruno Cirillo (Italy); 37; Defender; FC Pune City
  15. Bruno Filipe Tavares Pinheiro (Portugal); 27; Midfielder; FC Goa
  16. Bruno Herrero Arias (Spain); 29; Midfielder; Delhi Dynamos FC
  17. Cedric Hengbart (France); 34; Defender; Kerala Blasters FC
  18. Colin Falvey (Ireland); 29; Defender; Kerala Blasters FC
  19. Cornell Glen (Trinidad and Tobago); 33; Forward; Northeast United FC
  20. Cristian Hidalgo Gonzalez (Spain); 31; Midfielder; Chennaiyin FC
  21. Daniele Magliocchetti (Italy); 28; Defender; FC Pune City
  22. David Benjamin James (England); 44; Goalkeeper; Kerala Blasters FC - Marquee Player
  23. David Trezeguet (France); 36; Forward; FC Pune City - Marquee Player
  24. Diego Fernando Nadaya (Argentina); 25; Forward; Mumbai City FC
  25. Do Dong-Hyun (South Korea); 20; Midfielder; Northeast United FC
  26. Edgar Carvalho Figueira Marcelino (Portugal); 30; Midfielder; FC Goa
  27. Eduardo Silva Lerma (Spain); 24; Forward; Chennaiyin FC
  28. Elano Blumer (Brazil) ; 33; Midfielder; Chennaiyin FC - Marquee Player
  29. Emanuele Belardi (Italy); 37; Goalkeeper; FC Pune City
  30. Erwin Spitzner (Brazil); 20; Defender; Kerala Blasters FC
  31. Fikru Teferra Lemessa (Ethiopia); 28; Forward; Atletico de Kolkata
  32. Francisco Javier Fernandez Luque (Spain); 26; Midfielder; Mumbai City FC
  33. Fredrik Ljungberg (Sweden); 37; Midfielder; Mumbai City FC - Marquee Player
  34. Gennaro Bracigliano (France); 34; Goalkeeper; Chennaiyin FC
  35. Gregory Arnolin (France); 33; Defender; FC Goa
  36. Guilherme Felipe de Castro (Brazil); 22; Midfielder; Northeast United FC
  37. Gustavo Marmentini dos Santos (Brazil); 20; Midfielder; Delhi Dynamos FC
  38. Hans Mulder (The Netherlands); 27; Midfielder; Delhi Dynamos FC
  39. Henrique Dinis Oliveira Dias (Portugal); 24; Midfielder; Delhi Dynamos FC
  40. Iain Hume (Canada); 30; Forward; Kerala Blasters FC
  41. Ilias Pollalis (Greece); 21; Defender; Mumbai City FC
  42. Isaac Chansa (Zambia); 30; Midfielder; Northeast United FC
  43. Ivan Bolado Palacios (Equatorial Guinea); 25; Forward; FC Pune City
  44. Jairo Andrés Suárez Carvajal (Colombia); 29; Defender; Chennaiyin FC
  45. Jakub Podany (Czech Republic); 27; Midfielder; Atletico de Kolkata
  46. James Keene (England); 28; Forward; Northeast United FC
  47. James Reynolds McAllister (Scotland); 36; Defender; Kerala Blasters FC
  48. Jan Seda (Czech Republic); 28; Goalkeeper; FC Goa
  49. Jan Stohanzl (Czech Republic); 29; Midfielder; Mumbai City FC
  50. Joan Capdevila (Spain); 36; Defender; Northeast United FC - Marquee Player
  51. Jofre Mateu Gonzalez (Spain); 34; Midfielder; Atletico de Kolkata
  52. Johan Letzelter (France); 30; Defender; Mumbai City FC
  53. John Stiven Mendoza Valencia (Colombia); 22; Forward; Chennaiyin FC
  54. Jose Miguel Gonzalez Rey (Spain); 34; Defender; Atletico de Kolkata
  55. Kondwani Mtonga (Zambia); 30; Midfielder; Northeast United FC
  56. Konstantinos Katsouranis (Greece); 35; Midfielder; FC Pune City
  57. Kristof van Hout (Belgium); 27; Goalkeeper; Delhi Dynamos FC
  58. Luis Alfredo Yanes Padilla (Colombia); 31; Forward; Northeast United FC
  59. Luis Garcia (Spain); 36; Midfielder; Atletico de Kolkata - Marquee Player
  60. MacPherlin Dudu Omagbemi (Nigeria); 29; Forward; FC Pune City
  61. Mads Junker (Denmark); 33; Forward; Delhi Dynamos FC
  62. Manuel Friedrich (Germany); 35; Defender; Mumbai City FC
  63. Marco Materazzi (Italy); 41; Defender; Chennaiyin FC
  64. Marek Cech (Czech Republic); 38; Goalkeeper; Delhi Dynamos FC
  65. Massamba Lo Sambou (Senegal); 28; Defender; Northeast United FC
  66. Michael Chopra (England); 30; Forward; Kerala Blasters FC
  67. Miguel Angelo Moita Garcia (Portugal); 31; Defender; Northeast United FC
  68. Miguel Bruno Pereira Herlein (Portugal); 21; Forward; FC Goa
  69. Mikael Silvestre (France); 37; Defender; Chennaiyin FC
  70. Miroslav Slepicka (Czech Republic); 32; Forward; FC Goa
  71. Mohamed Mamunul Islam Mamun (Bangladesh); 25; Midfielder; Atletico de Kolkata
  72. Morten Skoubo (Denmark); 34; Forward; Delhi Dynamos FC
  73. Nicolas Anelka (France); 35; Forward; Mumbai City FC
  74. Ofentse Nato (Botswana); 33; Midfielder; Atletico de Kolkata
  75. Omar Andres Rodriguez Martinez (Colombia); 33; Midfielder FC Pune City
  76. Park Kwang-Il (South Korea); 23; Defender; FC Pune City
  77. Pavel Cmovs (Czech Republic); 24; Defender; Mumbai City FC
  78. Pavel Elias (Czech Republic); 28; Midfielder; Delhi Dynamos FC
  79. Pedro Adriano Veloso Gusmao (Brazil); 22; Forward; Kerala Blasters FC
  80. Penn Orji (Nigeria); 23; Midfielder; Kerala Blasters FC
  81. Pierre Jonas Folke Tillman (Sweden); 27; Midfielder; Chennaiyin FC
  82. Raphael Romey (France); 33; Defender; Kerala Blasters FC
  83. Robert Pires (France); 40; Midfielder; FC Goa - Marquee Player
  84. Saidou Mady Panandetiguiri (Burkina Faso); 30; Defender; FC Pune City
  85. Sergio Contreras Pardo (Spain); 31; Forward; Northeast United FC
  86. Stijn Houben (The Netherlands); 19; Defender; Delhi Dynamos FC
  87. Sylvain Monsoreau (France); 33; Defender; Atletico de Kolkata
  88. Tiago Manuel Fernandes Ribeiro (Switzerland); 22; Midfielder; Mumbai City FC
  89. Tolgay Ozbey (Australia); 28; Forward; FC Goa
  90. Tomas Josl (Czech Republic); 30; Midfielder; Northeast United FC
  91. Victor Herrero Forcada (Spain); 28; Midfielder; Kerala Blasters FC
  92. Wim Raymaekers (Belgium); 29; Defender; Delhi Dynamos FC
  93. Youness Bengelloun (France); 31; Defender; FC Goa
  94. Zohib Islam Haroon Fakhruddin Amiri (Afghanistan); 27; Defender; FC Goa

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