Angry Brazilian football fans taunt the country's prez again

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Brazil, July 10: Who had to bear the brunt of Brazil's humiliating defeat in the FIFA World Cup semifinals? Surprisingly, it was the country's president Dilma Rousseff.

Angry fans showered their fury on Dilma Rousseff Germany took a 5-0 lead against the home team.

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Even during the World Cup opening ceremony, Brazilians seated in the stadium taunted Dilma saying, "Hey, Dilma, go get ****ed in the ***!".

The semifinal defeat was Brazil's worst-ever performance in the World Cup. It was Brazil's first match in this world cup without star striker Neymar Jr.

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Football and politics

The fans' taunt is a bad omen for Dilma with elections set to be held soon in the south America's largest country, says a Forbes report.

According to the report, Dilma is likely to face top challenger Sen. Aecio Neves in the polls and experts say she might win the polls.

However, there are possibilities that the world cup defeat might lead to a political turmoil in the country with angry fans demanding an early exit from office for Dilma.

Rousseff presides over a stagnant economy with a serious inflation problem. Ahead of the world cup, hundreds of demonstrators hit the streets of Rio de Janeiro, Porto Alegre, Belo Horizonte and Taguatinga, subrub of the capital city of Brasilia, protesting against the estimated $11 billion expenditure for hosting the event.

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