7-year-old chess wonder kid Kush Bhagat idolises Virat Kohli, plays cricket

Written by: Sujata Sarkar
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Bengaluru, Jan 3: Kush Bhagat is now the new kid on the block in the world of Indian chess. The 7-year old boy from Mumbai has recently created history by being the first ever Indian chess player to have won gold medals in all 3 rapid, blitz and standard categories in the 1st Western Asian Youth Chess championship in Dubai, surpassing 158 challengers from 58 countries.

Kush had celebrated his victory with his family in Dubai after winning the coveted medals and has returned to Mumbai on Monday (January 2).

Kush Bhagat poses with his medals after his victories at 1st Western Asia Youth Chess Championship in Al Ain Chess Club, UAE, on Thursday (December 29, 2016). Kush has emerged as another wonder kid from the western Metropolis of Mumbai after he bagged all the 3 gold medals on offer in the championship.

Reacting to his historic achievement, the student of NSS Hills Spring International School laughed off and said, "I could not understand initially that what I had achieved. But later mom pointed me out that I was the first Indian to have won gold medals in all three categories."

Despite having created history the 2nd standard student added, "I feel I will earn the real achievement that day when I will be able to beat Magnus Carlsen. He is my dream player."

There is an interesting story that Kush gives more time to cricket than chess! His mother Shilpa Bhagat said, "He is extremely passionate about cricket. Virat Kohali is his idol. And in school, after classes, Kush goes to school ground to play cricket. Even when he travels outside his Mumbai he takes his cricket bat with his chess kit. After his day’s game becomes over he goes on doing shadow with bat in front of a mirror, even at the hotel.”

Kush does not practice chess more than two-and-half hours a day. But he is so skilled and matured that mere two-and-half hours time helps him to deliver breathtaking performances in the tournaments.

Viswanathan Anand is also a hero of Kush. The player who will be participating in the school nationals, starting from 5 January in Nagpur.

He said, "Anand is also my hero. I had met him once in the early this year in an exhibition match. Now I want to meet Carlsen for once at least."

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