Narendra Modi addresses rally in Pune, flays Centre

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Pune, Nov 1: BJP's prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi addressed a party workers' rally in Pune on Friday. He was scheduled to inaugurate Deenanath Mangeshkar Super Speciality Hospital here.

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3.43 pm

"The Congress has been carrying out a propaganda against me. They made my life hell. But the god has been on my side."

3.42 pm

"The people of Gujarat saw the work the BJP government and they were not influenced by the lies of the Congress lies. We came to power for the the straight time."

3.40 pm

"The government at the Centre must act as the servant of the people."

3.38 pm

"The BJP government after 2014 will put its record before the people of the country every year, not after five years."

3.37 pm

"They are only worried about what Modi is doing. While they need to explain to the people."

"The govt needs to be accountable to the people, isn't it? Is the current central govt accountable?"

"The leaders are too arrogant. They don't care to answer questions but only make allegations. Our media is also not able to reach the leaders."

3.35 pm

"There were governments in the past by led Morarji Desai and Atal Bihari Vajpayee. The nation has seen that these two governments kept prices under check."

3.35 pm

"When this happens, the question will never come if they have to make BJP victorious or not. BJP has done development."

3.34 pm

"I tell political experts to decide parameters and within those parameters they should see how governments of various parties functioned."

3.31 pm

"The nation has seen the models of development of all parties, namely, the communists, Congress, regional parties and the BJP. . People know what happens when they rule."

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