Anna Hazare to PM: Never imagined that you will speak a lie

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Anna Hazare talks tough to PM
Pune, Nov 29: After declaring that he will go on an indefinite fast, social activist Anna Hazare on Thursday accused Prime Minister Manmohan Singh of betraying him and the people of the country by assuring them of passing the Lokpal Bill.

In a report by the TOI [read here] he said "I never imagined that for the sake of power you will speak a lie," Hazare wrote in a letter to Manmohan Singh. The letter also read that he will go on an indefinite fast from December 10.

Anna pointed out to many promises made by Singh when he went on an indefinite fast in 2011. Whenever the Lokpal issue was raised the PM gave false assurance, he said.

Hazare: You (Singh) made promises to betray me and the people

"Today I feel that you made promises to betray me and the people of India, as you just wanted to silence me and the people who participated in the Janlokpal movement. I always considered you a noble man and had a very good image. Many times I have publicly said that Prime Minister is a good man, but I never imagined that very good image," he wrote.

He went on to add that he wouldn't have ended his fast if he knew that Singh was betraying the people of the country.

Hazare criticized Singh and said that he was worried about the future of the country If Singh's government continued to lie.

He lashed out at him saying that the country would never prosper if it was ruled by liars. " I am surprised to see how come so many liars come together in your government who level false allegations against me also, " he said.

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