China-made handset resulted in bombers dropping the bomb in toilet

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Bombers were startled when phone rang
Patna, Oct 30: Sunday's blasts in Patna have shocked everyone, with many questioning the security lapses that occurred at Gandhi Maidan- the venue for Narendra Modi's Hunkar Rallly.

For alleged bomber Ainul alias Tarique, his China made phone was the reason behind his and his accomplice's arrest.

At the Patna Railway station, two men who were assembling the bombs planned to target Narendra Modi's Hunkar rally, were suddenly startled by a loud sound. It was the China-made cellphone that rang loudly resulting in the bomb being dropped by them in the cistern of the toilet.

Bombers were assembling the bombs in the toilet when the phone rang

That is when the bomb exploded and Tarique was injured. His associate Imtiaz Ansari then tried to escape with a bag of explosives but he was later caught by the police.

Had it not been their phone ringing, they would've placed the bomb at a place where casualties could have been more.

Reports suggest that 18 explosive were planted on Sunday out of which, seven exploded on the same day and the remaining were defused by the bomb squads earlier this week.

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