Yemen crisis: Parrikar assures all Indians will be evacuated today

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New Delhi, April 6: Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar on Monday said that 'all Indian nationals stranded in Yemen will be evacuated today.'

Praising the Indian Navy, Parrikar said that the Indian Navy has been doing a great job,almost 3000 Indians stranded in Yemen have been evacuated.

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'All Indians will be evacuated today'

"Indian nationals including some foreigners have been shifted without injury or a single loss of life," he added.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Narendra Modi praised the joint efforts of the defence forces who were behind the evacuation process and said: "Seamless co-operation between organisations- MEA, Navy, Air Force, Air India, Shipping, Railways and State Govts greatly helped in rescue work."

Modi also said that he was glad that India had rescued several non-Indian citizens from Yemen

Amidst heavy shelling in Aden, India took great caution in evacuating 439 of its nationals to the naval ship INS Mumbai anchored off the coast - ferrying the people in small batches by boat to the ship [India pulls out 1,200 nationals from Yemen amidst heavy shelling]

On Saturday, over 1,200 Indians were evacuated from Yemen by air and by sea, adding to the around 1,000 Indians who have arrived back in India so far, the government said.

MEA spokesperson Syed Akbaruddin on Saturday said that 978 Indians were evacuated in the last four days.

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