Delhi: Woman harassed after immigration officer asks 'Do you have fun with men'

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New Delhi, March 27: It is every woman's nightmare on being stalked by a man even in broad daylight. But what do you do when the same happens at an airport and the person harassing you and stalking you is an immigration officer?

Airports are considered safe given the crowd and the officials that move around constantly. But a homemaker from Bengaluru had a harrowing experience on March 18 when she was travelling to Hong Kong via Delhi airport to meet her husband.

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Woman harassed by immigration officer

The woman alleged that at the Delhi airport an immigration officer verbally sexually harassed her and asked her very uncomfortable questions. But it did not end here as the officer followed her along the escalator.

The woman's family has filed a complaint against the officer via email but is yet to receive a response from the authorities. According to the complaint the officer asked the following questions:

  •  How many children do you have?
  •  Where have you left them? You young girls have children and then don't care and leave them with parents and do 'majja ' with men.
  •  Do u drink, do u smoke, do u eat chicken, do u have fun with men when your husband is not there
  •  Have you done surgery for birth control.? ( This was asked 4 times)
  •  Do you sleep with other men when your husband is at work?
  •  Would you like to have the third child with me because my wife doesn't want to have the 3rd child?

Have you done surgery for birth control, asked the immigration officer

  •  Why are you going alone to Hong kong, to have fun with your husband, or anyone else? Will you have fun with me?
  •  Are u staying with anyone else in Hong Kong?
  •  Give me your personal number, which I could call you when your husband isn't at home.

The woman returned back on March 23 along with her husband and confronted officials at the Delhi airport where she identified the officer. The officer agreed that he had met her on the night of March 18 but denied following her to the escalator.

The family has urged officials to take strict action against the officer and even check the CCTV footage as part of the evidence.

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