Will focus on education, employment for youth, if elected: Vijay Goel

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New Delhi, Nov 18: With just few days left for the assembly elections in the national capital Delhi, even the temperature level has gone down because of chilly winters, but the upcoming polls have set the "political temperature" soaring as for the first time, Delhiites will witness a power race among three political parties- Congress, BJP and Aaam Aadmi Party (AAP).

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As Delhi is scheduled to hold assembly elections on December 4, the three political rivals are busy in wooing "Delhiites' hearts" with tall promises and claims of development.

So, before, the D-day, OneIndia correspondent Bavita Jha caught up in a freewheeling chat with the Delhi BJP Party president Vijay Goel.

Vijay Goel, who has been at the forefront of Delhi politics since last 40 years, was replaced by Dr Harshvardhan as the BJP's choice of chief minister nominee for Delhi. The former Union Minister of State in the NDA government, Goel accepted BJP's decision to declare Harshvardhan as the CM candidate.

Here are the few excerpts from the exclusive interview:

"Sheila Dikshit turned Delhi into a slum instead of Paris", says Vijay Goel.

On being asked about the large number of migrants coming in Delhi, Goel said, "Every year 5 lakh-6 lakh people come to Delhi in search of employment. They play an important role in the development of Delhi. NCR region will be developed in a way that there won't be burden of migrants on Delhi.

He also blamed Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit government for not doing enough for the betterment of migrants while saying that this is the main reason behind slums in Delhi.

He also threw light on the role of youth of Delhi in upcoming elections and proudly said that BJP is a "progressive" party and party's PM candidate Narendra Modi will lead the campaign.

On being asked what's in store for the youth, Goel said, "If our party forms the government, then all efforts will be made to improve education and employment facilities."

Goel also said that the BJP is actively focusing on social media as a tool to promote party's agendas.

Asked about the prospects of Arvind Kejriwal's newly-formed AAP, who will debut in the upcoming assembly polls, Goel said it will be "too early too talk about" whether AAP will harm BJP or not.

On being asked about any chance of coalition with AAP, in case if BJP wins but lacks majority, then Goel said, " We will ponder over it only after elections are over."

On Sheila Dikshit's 15-year-rule, Goel slammed the government by saying, " By abuse of power, Sheila turned Delhi into a slum instead of Paris".

He also slammed Dikshit for making false promises to the people of Delhi and then not fulfilling them.

Goel also blamed her on issues like law-order, women safety and clean water.

He also claimed that still 50 lakh people are residing in illegal colonies and 10 lakh people are living in slum areas.

At the end, Goel appealed to the people of Delhi to "vote for BJP if they want Gujarat-like development in their city".

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