CPI(M) to lose national party status?

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New Delhi, May 21: After the debacle in West Bengal, is more bad news awaiting the CPI(M)? As per reports, the Election Commission is likely to review the Left party's recognition as a national one.

Sources in the commission said it may implement a change in uts criteria for granting the 'national party' tag by reviewing the scenario every two elections instead of doing it after five years.


According to the EC, the "revolving-door electoral politics" in many states of the country makes the five-yearly review of a party's national status might look unfair and instead a two-consecutive-poll criterion could be taken up.

A party needs recognition as a state party in at least four states to be considered a national party. It can also be national if it has 11 Lok Sabha MPs from at least three states or polls at least six per cent votes in Lok Sabha or assembly polls in at least four states besides winning four Lok Sabha seats.

The CPI(M) is recognised as a state party in only three states, namely, West Bengal, Kerala and Tripura and could win just none seats in the Lok Sabha in the 2014 general elections with 3.25 per cent vote share.

After the 2014 election, only three political parties had the national tag---the BJP and Congress besides the CPI(M). Parties like the NCP, BSP and CPI lost their national tag following poor performances in that election.

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