Why are autodrivers in Delhi furious with Arvind Kejriwal?

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Auto drivers not paid for poll ads
New Delhi, March 18: The autorickshaw community is furious with the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) as they approached the Election Commission on Tuesday and demanded that action be taken against the AAP and other political parties.

The auto rickshaw drivers alleged that the AAP had betrayed them and had not reimbursed them for using their autorickshaws during the elections for advertisements.

Representatives, who met the Election Commission officials said that they were not aware of a provision where they are supposed to be paid for political advertisements. They alleged that Arvind Kejriwal never paid them the stipulated amount. "We campaigned them for free of cost," some said.

'Arvind Kejriwal never paid us for advertisements'

The autorickshaw community played a vital role in the AAP's election campaign during the Delhi Assembly election. They were supportive of the AAP and carried the party's banners, posters and even helped the party with the campaign.

However last month, the autorickshaw drivers said that they would withdraw their support from the AAP as Kejriwal had failed to keep up his promise to them.

Kejriwal had assured them that they (drivers) would not be harassed by the policemen or transport officials, but the drivers alleged that the men in khaki kept harassing them and even fined them for petty issues.

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