Narendra Modi presents his idea of India

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New Delhi, Jan 19: BJP's prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi addressed the party's national council meet on Sunday, the final day of the three-day event.

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2.13 pm

Modi's speech concludes.

2.12 pm

Modi urges Karyakartas to work at the polling-booth level.

2.05 pm

Modi presents his Idea of India.

2.20 pm

"We should work towards Brand India & 5 Ts, namely, Talent, Tradition, Tourism, Trade & Technology.

2.00 pm

"We need to strengthen primary education."

"We need to stress more on education, every state should have IIM, IIT and AIIMS."

1.57 pm

"We should think of a twin city concept and this can give a new model of development. Similarly we can develop satellite cities. Our problem with GDP can find a solution there."

"We should look at urbanisation as an opportunity, not a challenge."

1.56 pm

"We must make our women a part of our nation-building process."

1.55 pm

Modi stresses protection of women, speaks about Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao mission.

1.54 pm

"We must protect the dignity of women."

1.52 pm

"The Vajpayee government had made the Golden Quadrilateral of roads. We should aspire to set up a golden quadrilateral of bullet trains in this country by the time we celebrate our 75 years of independence."

"We have failed to utilise the Indian Railways despite its huge potential."

1.45 pm

Modi stresses 'Per Drop, More Crop'.

Modi speaks on how to improve in various fields like infrastructure, agriculture, railways, human resources and others.

"Will fulfil Advani's dream of recovering black money stashed abroad."

1.43 pm

"You have given 60 years to the rulers, just give the servants 60 months."

1.38 pm

"They want to give ticket to those who have Congress party in their heart, we will field those who have India in their heart."

Modi takes on Rahul Gandhi over the latter's "Congress is a thought" remark made at the AICC meet on Friday.

1.36 pm

"We must make our democracy a participatory from a representative one."

1.34 pm

"We must protect our youth from all kinds of evils, including drugs and narcotics"

"Had we prepared ourselves well, we could have become world beaters today."

1.28 pm

"Our natural resources are important. We must preserve them."

1.24 pm

"The country must decide whether to trust hollow claims or proven track records."

"Good governance is not just about doles but about development and delivery."

1.22 pm

"Good governance is not for the rich but for the poor and marginalised."

1.20 pm

"As a chief minister of state, I have experienced both favourable and non-favourable governments at the Centre."

"From my experience, I say that it is important to work together to take India forward. It can't be just the job of the prime minister and his cabinet."

"Regional aspirations are not hindrances, rather an opportunity."

1.19 pm

"Western India is still making some progress. Why is its central and eastern parts are lagging behind?"

"Why have our policies been not uniform?"

1.17 pm

"Remember October 27 (the day the Hunkar Rally was held in Patna). In the midst of bombs people were standing. It was the same passion that made Bhagat Singh famous."

1.15 pm

"They feel how can someone born in the backward strata of society; a man whose mother cleaned utensils; a man who sold tea can compete with us?"

1.13 pm

"Congress naamdaar hain, mein kaamdaar hun" (they have big names, I am known for my work)

"They (Congress) feel it humiliating to lose to a low-background man."

1.10 pm

"These days, people are speaking at lot about tea-vendors. Tea-vendors are feeling proud nowadays."

"Sonia Gandhi protected her son because she knows the Congress is in a mess. Any mother will do the same."

"I find a humanist angle in the Congress story of not appointing a PM candidate."

1.06 pm

"After independence, Sardar Vallbhbhai Patel could have become the PM. He was not supposed to become. In 1984 when Indira Gandhi was assassinated, her son Rajiv Gandhi was made the PM. Was there any parliamentary meeting? And Congress yet speaks about a tradition. The same thing happened in 2004 when Manmohan Singh was made the PM."

1.05 pm

"As Jaitley ji said, The Congress supporters had come to see a PM candidate. They went back with three gas cylinders."

1.04 pm

"Congress is thinking of saving itself, we are thinking of saving the country."

Modi takes on the Congress.

1.02 pm

"This is not just a poll for the change of guard. This is a poll that gives hope to Indian."

1.00 pm

"Never has been the country been in such a mess."

"2014 Lok Sabha polls are different from all earlier polls."

12.57 pm

Narendra Modi begins to speak.

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