Udhampur attack: Reality hits Mohammad Naved

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New Delhi, Sept 19: In Pakistan, the parents of Mohammad Naved, the terrorist arrested in connection with the Udhampur attack have been taken off the radar entirely.

The National Investigating Agency makes attempts to draw a direct link between Naved the lone surviving terrorist in the Udhampur attack and Pakistan. However gradually all evidence in Pakistan linking him remotely to Naved is being eradicated.

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Reality hits terrorist Mohammad Naved

Naved would describe the camp he attended in Pakistan like a school picnic. However today the reality has hit him hard and his desperate pleas before the court to let him talk to his parents only indicates his desperation.

He told the court that he wished to speak with his parents and even had given the NIA their number. However the number which was operational briefly after the Udhampur attack has been disabled now.

Reality hits Naved

An NIA official part of the investigation tells OneIndia that Naved is terribly distracted. He says that it was not worth it and not a single person has come from Pakistan to rescue me.

'Why are my parents not coming here and talking to me' he asks. The NIA has however told him clearly that the Lashkar-e-Tayiba uses youth like him only to disown them later.

He was even given the example of Ajmal Kasab who thought that the Lashkar would stand by him after the 26/11 attack.

Naved was told that even Kasab had broken down after feeling betrayed by the Lashkar. Naved then asks the NIA what is he supposed to do now to which he gets an answer that he needs to face the law.

He is 20 years old and that is not too young for him to claim that he cannot understand the reality the official added. At times he is fine and gives out all details, but then he breaks down too. The law needs to take its own course, the officer also added.

The officer says that when he came into India, he put up a very brave front. Not once did he think he would he would die.

Reality hit him when he saw his buddy partner, Noman died in the Udhampur attack. I did not expect this to happen, Naved said. I panicked and began to run and all I wanted to do was return home to my parents, Naved told the NIA.

Naved's journey

It was in the month of March 2015 that he was told by the Lashkar that he would be sent to Kashmir. He was summoned to the Forward Kahutta camp in Pakistan and asked to stay there until further orders.

Once they got orders, they crossed over into the Gulmarg sector and from there they walked seven days. When they reached the Line of Control, it one person called Khurshid Bhat who helped them cross over.

After that they were received by a person called Ubaid and taken to Churshoo in Awanitipora by truck. At Chursoo Naved and three others stayed at a house which belonged to carpenters working at an Air Force Station.

After that they split up and Noman and Naved were taken to a jungle where they met with Abu Qasim the handler of the Udhampur strike. They were told by Qasim that they would be informed about when to carry out the strike. Once the details were ready, they were launched into Udhampur.

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