Uber rape case: Rape survivor breaks her silence, says the city has failed her

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New Delhi, Jan 1: Almost after a month she was raped by an Uber cab driver in Delhi, the rape survivor of the case has spoken up.

Speaking to Indian Express (read here), the rape survivor has said that ‘this should have never happened to her, the city has failed her.'

Uber rape survivor breaks her silence

She said: "On December 5, when I walked out with my friends after having dinner, I chose to travel by a reputed cab service hoping to reach home safely and because, after the December 16 gangrape two years ago, this is what was recommended to every Indian girl - take a safe option to reach home.

I had used Uber so many times and I trusted them completely."

She says that today she finds It difficult to sleep. "I have always believed that if I see something wrong, something I feel strongly for, I will speak up, even if it means opposing my family or friends or relatives. That is why, after the incident that night, I called the police first, before even informing my parents," she said.

'I had used Uber so many times and I trusted them completely'

The girl recounts the horror of that ill fated night, when the cab driver raped her. "Isn't it ironic that the Uber driver had the audacity to threaten me by saying he would use an iron rod on me? Instead of being deterred, this man actually used the December 16 gangrape to scare and assault a woman," she said.

The rape survivor now wants justice and wants the guilty to be punished. She even wants a case against Uber.She praised the Delhi Police officials for their efficiency in nabbing the culprit.

She wishes that the youth of the country speak up and not be quite.

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