Sushma Swaraj on Indians in Iraq: Have credible info that 39 Indians are not killed

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New Delhi, Nov 28: Making a statement on the abducted Indians in Iraq, External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj on Friday said that 'this is not the first time that this issue of 39 Indians being killed in Iraq has come up.'

Speaking in Rajya Sabha, Swaraj said: "I have specifically come here to respond to this issue. This is not the first time this story has been reported, has come up in the media many times in the past 5 months."

Sushma: 39 Indians have not been killed

Quashing the only Indian survivor, Harjeet's claims, Swaraj said that there were many contradictions in his story. "We have information from six different sources that the 39 Indians have not been killed," she said. She added that as External Affairs Minister it's my responsibility to continue with search on basis of statement of these sources.

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"We have no direct contact with any of the Indians missing in Iraq. I do not have any concrete proof of either the safety or killing of the 39 Indians. Whenever we do, we will share it," she said. "Success of rescue operations is secrecy, please don't try to disrupt this secrecy: Sushma Swaraj.

We have no direct contact with any of the Indians missing in Iraq: Swaraj

Harjeet is in government's protective care, his life is in danger; but I assure that he is safe and sound, she said."Even last night we had a message from our sources that the 39 Indians are safe," she said.

Meanwhile, the Congress questioned the External Affairs Ministry and said: "Modi government misled the people on the issue of Indians stranded in Iraq. PM Modi has remained silent over the issue."

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